I'm going to be a mom for the first time and im new to this site.

  • Let's become friends and talk.



    P.s. someone help me learn how to use this site. I'm lost :(

  • Hey! My name is Angela. I'm new to this site too (and going to be a first-time mother in about four days!). 

    Maybe we can learn together. :-)

  • Hey Angela :)! Omg, thats so exciting! I won't be a mother until February sometime :)

    and of course we can learn together, this site is very confusing.

  • Hello Angela. I'm a mother of 4 boys. My youngest is just 7 weeks old. I'm new to this site as well. Welcome and congrats on the upcoming birth of your little one. Do you know what your having? Either way, babies are definitely a beautiful blessing! Hope we can be friends.

  • Hey! My name is Danielle. I'm new to this site too! I'm a first time mom with a 7 month old baby girl. How far along are you?? It's the best feeling in the world -- to be a mommy.

  • Hello Danielle! Nice to meet you, and awh thats so cute. I'm currently 17 weeks. I cant wait till i can just hold my baby.

  • heyy. my name is Cassie. i'm going to be a 1st time mom and i'm also due in february :) what's your due date? and are you going to find out the sex of the baby?

  • Well hey there Cassie. I'm due February 16th and I find out the sex September 20th. When is your due date?

  • i'm due February 13th. i find out the sex one september 10th :) i can't wait!

  • Awh, only 3 days ahead of mine :) and I wish i could schedule my ultrasound earlier, but my doctor wont let me :( i just want to know already so i can start buying!

  • haha yea tell me about it! i cant wait to decorate a room either haha its going to be funn

  • Hi im Brittany and I am new to this site too. Congrats on your pregnancy. Im due at the end of this month.  

  • Cassie, yes i cant wait for that either! im so excited. and Hey Brittany! Thank you and Congrats on yours. Do you know what your having?