im going to be a new mom any advice on how to get the most from this awsom website?

  • im almost three months and im excited to meet the lil one. im jus a lil lost on this website but so far the more i search the more i find these great features but i do feel lost sometimes lol
  • Welcome to the site and congratulations! I am the Daddy to two young daughters and my wife is expecting our third child in December! Strongmoms has been a good resource for us, and what we do is post a question if we have concerns or are seeking advice. Otherwise, we usually just surf through the categories, especially the toddler and pregnancy categories lately.

    I have found that if you ask for advice there is a sea of parents out there ready to give their advice and help you in any way.

    Good luck!

  • Well for starters--congratulations on your new pregnancy! I am one of the message board facilitators here on Strong Moms, so if you need any specific help, just let me know. Otherwise, the message board is a great place to connect with other moms, ask questions, or even give some of your own advice. Many of us have already had multiple children, so it can be nice to get some tried and true advice from other moms. At the top of the site are tabs that are designed to give you more information on a variety of topics from feeding issues to pregnancy issues. The more you search around, the more you'll discover. Good luck and let me know if you need anything!!! Congratulations again!!