Gold Membership Program for Strong Moms? Anyone?

  • Hi!  Signed up for Strong Moms and received this 'gold membership program card' in the mail.  Trying to find out more about it and redeem the Shutterfly album but cannot seem to figure out where to go and what to do.  Mailer says to go to but it just directs me to the Strong Moms sign up- then I tried going onto the Shutterfly website as the mailer says to redeem the hardcover book there, but no information is available that matches my query.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?


    Similac Alimentum Mommy

  • I'm having the same problemConfused

  • type in and on the page where you have all the choices there should be a link that just says click on that and it takes you to the page that you need. I got hte same thing and then i clicked on the link right under

  • i got my in the mail toady and i dont known how to do it ?                                                        thanks                                                                 thans renee                                                         

  • It says in the fine print after you sign up you will recieve a promo code via e-mail

  • I got mine in the mail today. Just sign up for shutterfly and it will be My Account and then My Offers

  • You must have received an e-mail from Similac StronsMoms with the subject: "Exclusively Fro You: Similac StrongMoms Gold Membership."

    Once you click on the button to enroll, with your membership number, you'll receive another e-mail saying "Thank you for enrolling in the Similac StrongMoms Gold Membership Program."

    On that e-mail, you receive a promo code, usually all you have to do is to click where it says "Get your photo book." You'll be redirected to, and then what you have to do is to sign up. Create a user name and passoword, upload some photos, select the design of albun you want and order the book. It's beautiful, I've done for my daughter, it's a 8X8 hard cover photo album.

    Take care, good luck!

  • Hello, I just order my free book online.  There was an email that was sent too you click on that email and it has the code for the FREE HARD cover book. You create your HARD cover 8x8 book and go to the check out and enter your promo code and it will take it off for you. This is all done on Shutterfly not simlic gold. The only thing you need is the code they sent you through email.

  • FYI:  I applied the strong moms coupon for a free photo book to my shutterfly account and have to say the book turned out adorably.  I have ordered 2 more books since then as christmas gifts for the grandmothers.  The gold membership has been good -- I love all the coupons. 

  • Our photo book came out great as well!  Thank you, Gold Membership!