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  • Hi all! I'm new to the site and a new, first time mom. My daughter will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. Today is a big first for both of us. I returned to work, and she started day care. So needless to say, mom has been very stressed today!

    I look forward to meeting you all and sharing experiences and advice.

  • Congratulations! The stress is normal, and it can be difficult. How did you feel about going back to work? My wife hated leaving our girls, but we have no choice! Good luck and welcome to StrongMoms... this is a great site and you can utilize the wonderful parents on here to help with anything, no matter how serious or mundane.

  • Hi all! I'm new to the site Big Smile

  • Wow, that was a big day. I hope you got rested last night and have a calmer day today. I look forward to hearing more about how the transition is going for you!

  • I am happy to say that yesterday went very well. I had to calm my nerves and call and check on her once and was reassured that she was doing great. My hubby picked her up at 5 and by the time I got home at 6 she was ready to nurse! Other than being hungry she was perfectly fine and very happy. She got a good report from the daycare and didn't have any major issues.

    The best part was that she fell asleep on her on last night (first time!), and slept from 9:30 until 7:30 this morning with only one feeding at 4:00. I was able to rest peacefully and even had a few hours to wind down and prepare for today.  I am definitely a much calmer and happier momma today.

    Thanks for the comments! The site definitely helped take my mind off it.

  • I'm so glad to hear to hear that your first day went well! It's never easy to leave our kids behind when going to work but it gets a little less stressful and anxiety provoking as time goes on. I hope your daughter keeps up this great sleep trend! Hang in there - we understand what you are going through!

  • I am new member in this site and I want your help for my baby.

  • Glad to have you here, make yourself at home! Feel free to join in any discussion or start a new one. This is a great place to find support.

  • @hershel86owen, welcome to the site. I too am new here! I'm also a first time mom, so I don't know as much as some moms, but if there is something specific you want to know or have questions about when it comes to baby just ask! This site is a great resource and there are tons of wonderful people here that are ready and willing to offer help when you need it!