• okay so i am new to this whole strongmoms thinggg..and i like it...but i have a problem...whenever i put a post upp i can only see my replies to it on my email and i cant reply backk !!! where are they so i can reply to everyone !! please let me know asapp !


    -emily .

  • Hi Emily. If you hit quick reply at the bottom of a post, this is how you can post your answers to those who reply to you. Hope this helps.

  • I wonder if what you are seeing is the delay in the posting time. After you submit your message, there are people who monitor the site and review your post and then put it up. It doesn't appear right away. Go back to some of the old messages you posted on and see if your comment is there after all. Let me know!

  • Emily- I wanted to check in and see if you are having more success with posting and if you have any further questions. Let me know! -jessica