Birth Stories

  • Every baby brings a different experience when it comes to delivery. With my first daughter, my water broke on its own, and I ended up having to be induced because labor didn’t begin on its own.

    With my second, I chose induction so that I would be sure that my doctor delivered my baby. I didn’t want to take the chance of going into labor over the Christmas holidays when she would be away I really didn’t want someone I didn’t know in the delivery room.

    Both experiences were very different, but the results were equally wondrous. I’d love to hear all of your birth experiences. Was it what you expected? What did you learn? How was it compared to another one you had? 

  • With my first my water broke on its own while I was lying in bed... my husband was an hour away from home and I had no car (besides I couldn't drive with my massive belly anyway! lol). But there were no contractions. :/ Being my first I wasn't sure what I should do in that case since I always thought you'd have at least a few contractions. I never even had braxton hicks contractions so I was just plain out confused.

    I rushed to the toilet and called my doctor's office. This was actually quite comical:

    "Hi, My Dr is Dr. Daniels and my water just broke. What should I do?"

    "Uh, well, I guess you should go to the hospital?"

    "But I don't have ANY contractions..."

    "Oh... uh..." in the background "she doesn't have any contractions and her water broke... what should I tell her?" comes back into the phone, "I'll give Dr. Daniels a call and have her call you back. In the mean time stay put."


    So, I was just to stay in the toilet... I think not. I put on a pad (i'm lucky I had any at all around me considering I hadn't had a period in nine months) and called my husband. His band members practically kicked him out of there and told them they'd take care of his drums.

    Long story short I had to go in the next morning (it was 7:30pm when my water had broke) at 8 and was practically induced. I went 24 hours without any meds, but being worried about strength (I was only dialated to a six and had lots of pitocin running through the IV) and asked for the epidural.

    What a relief!!!

    Six hours later my baby boy was born at a healthy 8lbs 9.4oz, 21inches long.

    Now I'm expecting number two (I just found out today and am thrilled) and I can't wait to do it all over again.

    Although mind-numing once I had the baby in my arms it was totally worth it!


    Sorry for the long story, but it made me laugh just thinking of it!

    Can't wait to see what everyone else says!


  • Let me start by saying if you are pregnant you may not want to read this since I did not have a good time with giving birth. 

    At the time I was sleeping on the couch because I was snoring.  Had to use the bathroom like any pregnant women.  While on the toilet I heard a loud clunk.  Thought wow that was a loud noise for the baby to make.  It was not until I laid back down on the couch that there was a gush of fluid.  First thought I'm peeing my pants.  Next thought wait water broke.  Run back to bathroom (more like waddle) and yell for my husband.  I hear my husband roll over in bed and hear him say,"It's 2 am in the does not happen at 2 am in the morning.  Go back to bed your dreaming."  After much more yelling for him to get up and get me a phone to call the doctor my contraction start up.  We get told since it is are first pregnancy and we are 2 weeks early we should head to the hospital. 

    Get to the hospital and get the 2nd to last room at the hospital.  Everything is going well until 8 am when the problems start.  Contraction stop and they have to put me on potocin.  They give me until 2 am the next morning to have my son.  So every half hour they double my potocin. 

    After 4 hours I start asking for the epi and get told I can't have it since I am not dialated.  But what they can give me is a internal monitor.  O-ya.  The first on the put in kinks in to my uterus wall.  Lots of pain...The next one the get right still painfull but not as bad. 

    3 hours later around 2:30 pm the doctor drops by to check me out and found me in bed unable to move and only able to say pain over and over again.  At which point he pulled the internal monitor and final gave me the epi.  YA.  Life is better.

    5:00 pm I am finally at 10 and can push.  Start pushing and pushing and pushing.  Doctor kept saying half more inche and I can help you.  At around 8:30 he looks at the clock and say we need to have a talk.  The baby has not moved in the last 2.5 hours the c-section staff has stayed since there was another lady giving birth at the same time and figure one of us would need a c-section.  I could push until 2 am and call all of them back from there beds or go now.  Lets see have a bunch of grumpy people working on me that are half a sleep or have a happy group that can go to bed knowing there is no c-section planned...hmmm no brainer.  Had my son at 9:03 via c-section. 

    Wish the story stopped there but it did not.  Got to my room at 11 pm and my son went into the NICU at 7 am the next morning.  He and I are both fine now but I am hoping this pregnancy is a lot less eventfull.  At this time I am 11 weeks pregnant.  Planning c-section this time since my son was so small and still did not fit.  Sorry so long but no way to make it short.  Good luck to all. 


  • With my first, I had an extremely restless night.  Around 4 am I was laying in bed and thought I felt a kick way down low by my pelvis.  A minute later I felt a lot of pressure and decided to head to the bathroom.  Halfway through the living room I had a huge gush that went all over me and the floor.  I went to the bathroom and changed clothes and then called my mom to tell her I thought my water broke.  While I was talking to her it happened again so I changed again and called the doctor.  Doctor wanted me to wait until my 10:30 appointment, but since the baby was breech and I was supposed to be a c-section my mom encouraged me to go to the hospital.  She was my driver and while I was waiting for her to show up I had to change again.  We put towels down in the car and headed to the hospital.  By the time we got there I was soaked AGAIN.  At the desk they asked how I knew it was my water and I just opened up my jacket and showed them how soaked I was.  They immediately decided I was right and gave me a room.  Originally the doctor planned on doing my c-section after a scheduled patient.  I'm not sure if something was going wrong, but he decided to bump me in front of her and I wound up having my daughter around 7:30.  She weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches.

    This time around I'm scheduled to have another c-section (June 18) but I'm not so sure I'll make it that far.  When I first went to the doctor I estimated when I thought I had conceived and they came up with a June 25 due date.  When I re-calculated I came up with 1-2 weeks earlier, but doctor won't change it since growth is only up to 2 weeks ahead.  I'm hoping for the smoothness that the scheduled c-section would provide, but at this point I'm not counting on it.  I go in Tuesday for my first pelvic exam so we'll see if anythings happening yet.

  • Well lets see, my first was interesting! I was 12 days overdue when I went in to be induced, and VERY ready for the baby to be in my arms and no longer my huge belly! My labor was normal and went fine til I had to push then I had to push for an hour and a half til she finally made her appearance! Then at 9:33am she was born and weighed 7lb 12oz and was 21 inches long and gorgeous of course! Then when she was about 22 months we found out we were expecting again! Go in for my first check up at 9 weeks and find out........Oh MY........TWINS!!!!!!!! I'm thinkin how in the world is my body going to handle TWINS??????? But it did and at 39 weeks and 3 days I went into the hospital to be induced! I was huge and VERY uncomfortable LOL! Good thing I was induced when I was, my son came out with a true knot in his cord, thank God he was ok though! My son was born first at 4:31pm weighing 6lb 6oz and 19inches then my daughter came 22 minutes later at 4:53pm weighing 6lb 13oz and 20 inches! They were gorgeous too! :) I was happy I got to have all 3 of my babies naturally! C-sections scare me!

  • Hi, it was awesome getting to hear everyone’s story, especially Tiffany who had her twins naturally! Very impressive.  OK for my birth story, I was 1 week overdue so my doctor had me be induced.  It didn’t take me all that long into the process to ask for an epidural.   I asked them to leave a reasonable amount of pain there (just take away the worst of it) so that I could feel when it was time to push.  It took awhile to get to 4cm (they put a bulb up inside me to help dilation), but once I was at 4cm it went really fast to 10cm and I felt like I needed to push.    My poor doctor was delivering another woman at the same time (same hospital though) so she had a busy time of it.  I was pushing for 3 hours, then the doctor said we can try for 15 more mins, then try vacuum but if it didn’t work, c-section.  Luckily the vacuum did the trick (can you believe there was this whole separate technician who dealt specifically vacuum pump, it was actually quite funny seeing this guy with his vacuum pump come into this room full of women)  and my baby son was born at 7 pounds.  He was crying and flailing his limbs (my son, not the vacuum pump techBig Smile). 

  • I love to tell my story!  I was 38 weeks and went in for my weekly doctor app..  Well since I was barely dilated a half a cent. and my doc thought I would got to 40 weeks atleast I decided to go by myself..  My boyfriend had went to every doctor appointment with me.. But for some reason I told him to stay at work everything was fine and I would be back..  Well I take myself to the doctor get back to the room and my blood pressure was up..  Well the nurse tells me to lay on my side for abt 10 mins or so and she checked it again..  Still high!  The nurse who I had become pretty good friends with asks me if I have my bags with me..  I said NO! LOL!  I had 2 weeks left...  yeah right! 

    When my doctor comes in there she checks me and I was barely a 1..  But she said I needed to go in tonight to keep from developing preeclampsia...  She called the hospital to go ahead and get me in there but since I was alone she told me to go get my boyfriend and bags eat some supper and come back tonight at 8!!  I started crying!  -hormones-   

    When I got to my car I called everybody and they all fussed at me for being by myself..  I kno now how dumb it was to been by myself but at the time I didn't see anything wrong with it.. 

    When we got to the hospital that night they gave me the cervidil to soften my cevix and the nurse on duty kept telling me I wouldn't have my son till 5 or 6 the next evening.. 

    At 2 in the morning I had my boyfriend take me to the bathroom to pee...  When I got back in the bed I looked at him and said "I'm still peeing!!" LOL  my water had broke..

    After that the contractions came on STRONG and I couldn't get an epi because I wasn't at 4 yet..  They were coming every minute and the nurse didnt want to keep checking me for risk of infection..  Well I had to get oxygen my contractions were soo strong and frequent and when she checked me again I was 8!!  She calls for the anastesiaolgist  and by the time I got my epi I was 9 1/5 !  I was trying to push when I was on the side of the bed getting my epi... 

    But I did a few pushes and had my son at 7:30  that morning.. He was a beautiful healthy 7 lbs and 6 oz at 20.5 inches long... 

    It was all worth it!! 

  • Hi, my labor was 36 hours long that was because after 22 hours they decided to help me out by popping my waterbag and giving me meds to induce. I was actually 1 day overdue.Contractions began at 1 in the morning and i didnt go to the doctor till 1 in the afternoon. By then the contraction were getting closer and stronger.When I got there I was only dilated to a 1 but the contrations were about every 5 min. So they decided to help stretch it to a 3 but by then it was already 11 o clock. When I finally got some meds.I fell aseep then woke up a couple hours later and told the nurse I felt something down there but she told me it was just the urine tube but she didn't even check.So I went back to sleep waking up every now and then with the really strong contractions.At around 10:30 am I told my husband to call the nurse becaus eI was feeling even more pressure down there. When the nurse came and check the baby was crowning. Then after 3 pushes my baby was out at 10:47 am. Weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces.