New mommy 20 weeks Into the pregnancy

  • Hello Everyone.

    I am Dimi and I find out tomorrow if I am having a boy or a girl. I am sooo excited but I just get really scared of all the things I read about disorders, diabetes and just being a mommy in general. I feel so scared. I just hope I get to be a good mommy.

    Thanks to all :)

  • Hi Dimi-

    Welcome to strongmoms and congrats on your pregnancy!  It sounds like you are excited and ready to have a nice healthy baby. :)  Do keep us posted as you progress through your pregnancy.  Do you think it's a boy or girl?  I'll look to see if you post after your ultrasound!


  • Waiting to hear if you are having a boy or girl! :-) Such an exciting day to be able to see your little one. You will be a fabulous mommy - the fact that you are concerned and worried about it means that you have a loving heart towards your child. Just be present and love on your little baby as much as you can. It's not always easy and NO ONE is a perfect parent but the ability to admit mistakes and do better next time goes a long way. Congrats! :-)

  • i am a new mommy to i am 29 weeks and i am also scared of what kinda mother i will be i think you will be a good mother its scary to think about it but as long as you try your best you will be a great mother  just keep your head high and rember every first time mother gets scared tell she gets to know her baby i hope you find out what your having and its what you want i know it probable dont matter tho

  • congrats!!! you and i are right there together, i found out on the 4th what i am havin and my due date is may 26. this is also my first baby although not my first pregnancy. i'm sure you will make a great mommie!!! but i totally understand the nervousness cause i have it too. keep us posted on how you are doin and what you are gonna have, good luck!!!!Smile