Hi all August 2012 mommies!

  • thank you:)

  • Hi everyone new to this site, expecting #3 (second boy) aug 2nd. super excited planning on calling him Kasey Jordan.  25 wks and counting, cant wait to meet him :)


  • Hey my due date is aug 2nd also! and i found out this week i'm having a boy too! :)

  • hi to all moms i'm due in June with baby #5 dont know what im having yet doctors can't make up there minds what it is or if there is more then one. i cant wait . congrats to all of youBig Smile

  • Wow - lots of boys coming in August! Congrats, Candykane! So exciting about your little one...or more than one on the way! :-) 

  • so cool isn't it?

  • Hey guys!!!another august baby coming, this is my first!!so am super excited and anxious!!!hope you all have a blessed day!!!

  • Congratulation,

    I'm due on Sep 24, and this is my first baby

    Have a nice day

  • Lovingmumtobe - congrats!! So exciting for you! Have you found out if you are having a boy or girl? We are going to have a great bunch of August babies. Love it! 

    Duong88-Congrats on your September baby. :-) I bet you are excited! How are things going so far? Look forward to getting to know you! 

  • Hello all!  I'm an August momma, too, expecting (2nd) little girl on August 22nd but I'll have a scheduled c-section a week early so b-day will probably be more like August 15th.  My partner and I wanted a boy, but alls well, personality will be different, I'm sure!

    Good luck ladies!

  • I'm due August 08 with my first. We are having a girl, Sophie Jean. I'm 29 weeks along and have only gained 5 IBS. I lost 20 before I started to gain anything. I'm 20 going on 21 and been married 2yrs as of june 22, 2012.


  • My Name is Ashli and I'm a teen mother and this is my first child and I'm also haveing my baby in Aug.

  • Yep there are lots of boys coming in August! I found out we are having another boy too! Much to my daughter's dismay! I couldn't believe it, I really thought it was a girl!