• Hi! So my grandmother and I are butting heads on me deciding to use an epidural during my labor, therefore im trying to make my decision on whether to follow her word and not use one or do what I am comfortable with..

  • With all due respect, your grandmother isn't the one having the baby. I just had a baby 4 weeks and 4 days ago, so it is still very fresh in my mind. I didn't have a birth plan, because I know that nothing ever goes as planned. I ended up getting an epidural, but at first it wasn't effective because of scoliosis and curvature of my spine. Only my right side was getting pain relief. With each contraction, I would have burning sensations in my left groin. Finally, a different anesthesiologist came in and got the epidural working properly. After that, it was so much easier. An epidural was the right decision for me, I just couldn't relax at all and he wasn't descending into the birth canal because I was so tense. It was a night and day difference for me. If it is important for you to go naturally, then go for it. Everyone is different. I have a friend that did it naturally and my mother in law birthed 3 large baby boys naturally, but that is them, not me. Do what you think is right for you and the baby. By the way, my labor ended up stalling and I had to get a c section. Just goes to show, that nothing goes as planned. The doctor said he even had trouble pulling the baby out because he was so wedged. Good luck!

  • What is the conversation between you and your grandmother? Does she want you to use an epidural or not? My guess is maybe she does not want you to use one and the reality is that you have to do what is comfortable for you and your body. Do your research and go to a childbirth and labor class if you are able to so that you are most informed, but the decision is really yours. Good luck!

  • Hi! So, here is just my opinion, for what it is worth. =) The other Mom's are absolutely right, it is ultimately your decision. But I always joke that I am the poster child for the epidural. I know that they work differently for everyone and that everyone has different experiences, but I had one with my oldest son, and I have every intention of having one again, if given the option. So, like some of the others have said, do your research, and make that educated decision for yourself! Good Luck to you and your baby in whatever you decide!
  • Do what YOU want to do! I had a 40 hour labor and waited about 24 hours before giving in to the epidural. It was awesome! I was in so much pain before it that I didn't feel the needle. Just do what works for you. You can always ask for it after a while if you are in pain!

  • Listen to your gut instinct.  This is a skill that will help you from day one of motherhood.  When is your due date? How are you feeling?


  • I've had 3 kids. The first one I used nothing...never again! The nurses actually told me several times that I needed to quiet down b/c I was scaring the other moms-to-be! 13 hours hard agonizing labor.

    The second I had a full epidural...also never again. I had no ability to push. My husband and m-i-l actually had to put their elbows in my stomach and push when I had contractions! 13 hours peaceful labor!

    The third I did a walking epidural.  I was able to get up, walk around, go sit on the toilet (do this!) and I was able to enjoy the birth. I believe that getting up and walking around made all the difference in the progression. The sitting on the toilet thing I had read about the day before the birth and I found that it felt very natural. Similar to squatting but without having to rely on your legs for support. From induction to birth was 5 hours

    This time I am 40 years old and not sure what to do. With 7 weeks to go my baby is still breach and if he doesn't flip my Dr will just do a C-sec. But if he does get in position I will go for the walking epi.

    YOU decide what YOU want to do. It's your body. 

    With my first my Grandma told me "Get the saddle block honey" and I said I wanted to do it all natural...hahahaha Grandma was only partially right!


  • I agree with the others, you need to do what you feel is best. Maybe you could tell her that you will try to go as long as you can without an epidural, but in the end you will decide what you need to do to get through it. Epidurals are much better than they were when she was going through labor and she may have fears that aren't valid anymore. Try to address her concerns and alleviate any fears she has. Good luck..When are you due?

  • Thanks for the advice! I am due July 12th, although it may seem far from now I definitely want to have my mind made before the month of June. Therefore I'll be prepared for her birth if she comes unexpectantly soon.

  • Good plan. :-) One of the biggest things during birth is to be flexible - have a plan but be willing to change if the circumstances call for it. Keep us up to speed on how your last few months go! :-) 

  • I do agree that you need to be flexible, but I do say that I went natural and it went fine. I was induced at 9:00PM Tuesday using the balloon, the next morning (Wednesday) my water was broken, at 3:00 they started the petossin and finally I started to make progress. About an hour before my son was born I asked for something to take the edge off. They gave me something, but I don't know if I really noticed. My son was born at 1:03AM Thursday. So, be flexible, but don't let anyone tell you that you aren't capable of having a natural birth. You were made to have babies, it will go fine and you can do it! I have no regrets going natural and that's my plan this time around too.

  • hi...


    i didn't know there were two tipes of epidural, i have tow kids, the first one i used the epidural. i was not havig contractions until the dr. broke my water, so the contraction jump fron  the number 0 to 5 in  seconds, so i got the medication.  the medicine worked great because i didn't feel anything, no pain, no pressure, so i got to sleep and the nurse woke me up because my baby head was almost out, i push tree  or four times and my baby get out.

    with my second baby (this april 13) was different because i told the nurse that i would ask for the epidural only if i needed it. they induced me at 5 pm. with the pitocin and the contractions started. i was already 3 cm when i  got to the hospital, so 2 hour later i was 5 cm. and the contractions were every minute, i started crying and husband was getting nervous jajajaja, that was funny. i asked for the epidural, oh my god... that gigant needle was horrible so i squeeze the nurse uniform. after that i was still feeling the contractions (every some seconds), they were not so painful, but i was still feeling them (another reason for keep crying). this time i was able to move my legs. at 9 pm the dr.prepared the room and i pushed exactly three time and my baby got out.

    sorry for the misspeling, but it is easier for me to write in spanish, even that, i do my best.

  • The eye-opening thing to me about parenting is how much everyone else wants to dictate to you evereything from the birth plan to how to raise your kids. The great thing about being a parent is that it doesn't matter what everyone else says... you are the one in control. Good luck!

  • NO ONE should tell you what to do.  It is completely your decision to make.  My landlord's daughter went through the beginning of labor not getting one because her Mother told her to absolutely not get one and by the time it was too late and she changed her mind she was so furious with her Mother because of the pain that she didn't want to even speak to her!  I know people who have and haven't (I did and was very happy to, I was on oxygen because my contractions were so strong) and the girls I know all have different feelings.  Think of your pain tolerance level for one.  Also think of other medical instances in your life.  Are you a traditionalist/conservative? You may want to opt for no drugs, but if you don't mind a little medically-induced pain relief for a headache or a tooth ache, go for the epi!