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    You can't plan for this, but you can do some research about all the pain medications.  I had my baby 3 weeks ago and did not have a birth plan.  Just be an open-minded and just go with the flow.  I gave birth to my baby girl without an epidural; and I can feel the pain every single minutes. It's all depending on your pain tolerance; and the nurses and doctors are there to support you.  Good luck.

  • Go with the epidural

  • Labor affects everyone differently. Once YOU go into labor, see how much pain you can take...you can always decide to get it. I know I am! :)

  • Hi! It really depends on how you tolerate your pain. That is why you have to make a birth plan. If you cannot tolerate pain, give it a try. I remember my friend said, she had it, but then the epidural catheter was dislodge, so she end up feeling the pain. But, on my experience, I had 3 deliveries without epidural.