playing music for baby?

  • Anybody else put headphones on their belly and play music? i've heard both good and bad things about doing this... but i really don't see the harm in doing this...

  • My wife never put headphones on her belly, but we did expose our babies to sounds of nature, all kinds of music and especially the voices of Daddy and the grandparents. I have three children, so when my wife was expecting our third, the older two would also talk to Mommy's belly from time to time. Congratulations and good luck!

  • I think it's wonderful to expose baby to some of the wonderful and comforting sounds that they will hear as a new infant.  I haven't heard of headphones as they can hear fine without them.  Keep the music going!


  • When I got pregnant before I used to put headphones on my belly but that happens when I am on my 8 months of pregnancy during that time the baby can recognize the music.

  • I agree with Jess_BabyRN - babies can often hear the sounds of the environment just fine and if you are sitting near the stereo when it's playing, your little one ought to be able to hear the music just fine. Supposedly babies really love music and sounds - play away! :-)

  • im almost 7 months pregnant & i do this all the time . My mom tells that i should start talking to the baby so he becomes familiar with my voice. when im laying down i rub my belly & sometimes he moves but when his dad lays his head on my belly and talks to him he starts kicking & moving around all the time. its amazing how he knows who he is already. Smile

  • Marie-that is cool that your baby already knows your voice and daddies as well!  

    Have any of you found that your babies respond differently to different kinds of music?


  • my baby starts to kick more when i play certain songs. I'll lay my phone on my stomach and have it play music and whenever a certain Red Hot Chilli Peppers song plays i can watch my phone rock back and forth about ready to fall off but as soon as that song is over the kicking slows down dramatically. Smile  

  • hcnicole - that makes me smile! Your baby will grow up to love music! :-) My son always heard tons of music from his dad and in church, etc when I was pregnant and he adores music still at 2 years old. Make sure you write this story down in a memory book somewhere. It will be fun to look back on and read! 

  • hcnicole-What a wonderful update!  My best friend's first baby LOVED Lady Gaga, and now as an almost four year old (where does the time go?!) she loved to dance to it.  I have heard great things about classical music as well.  You are going to be a wonderful mom when that baby finally arrives as you already know that baby so well.  Keep us posted, I can't wait to hear about your baby once he/she arrives!  


  • yeah i write pretty much every thought and thing i find amusing into a book. since the dad is away at boot camp :) and i have  finally just started to show at about week 19 so i've started having pictures taken of my stomach.

  • Yay! Gotta love those baby bump pictures - take them regularly. SO fun to scrapbook! :-)

  • @Jess_BabyRN Yes! :) he already has a favorite song. in the beginning of my pregnancy i was going through some things with his father and i used to play this song over and over to make me feel better and now when im trying to sleep and he's up i place headphones on my belly and play the song and he calms down alot. i think its amazing how he recongnizes the song. i plan on using that song to soothe him when he's born. :) :)

  • Marie122012-GREAT Story!  Thanks so much for sharing. :)

    Hcrnicle-Very cool that you have been able to get pictures done.  Let the countdown begin!

    Great news from all,


  • I put headphones on my belly every night.  I have a cool app on my iphone called "pregnancy radio". It plays only classical music. Most ppl say mozart's the best because it increases brain development. Why is it harmful? Tongue Tied