New to StrongMoms!

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    Hello everyone I am Krissy...... I am new to this program and excited to get to know other mom expecting and care for their children. I am 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my first, I am new to everything lol.... I have a lot to learn. Well I hope to meet some new friends on here.


                                        Krissy Big Smile

  • Hi Krissy and congratulations. I am the father of three girls and being a parent is the greatest and most difficult thing I have ever done. Even with three, I find myself being challenged and questioning myself on a daily basis, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Just try to do your best on a day to day basis and things will turn out OK. What has always given me strength is that somehow our species survived when we were cavemen caring for our infants, so with all of the teechnology and knowledge we have today, how much worse can we be? Good luck!

  • Welcome to the community and congrats on your pregnancy.  I'll look forward to getting to know you better through the boards!


  • Congrats! Welcome to StrongMoms! I hope you find some great advice, encouragement, and friends on here as you prepare for your baby. :-) I'm happy for you! What are you most excited about and most worried about? Look forward to knowing you better!

  • Thanks....Well sounds like you got your hands full lol. I have always been around babies so I have quit a bit of experience with babies so I should be ok. But your so right about the technology we have makes our jobs that much easier! Thanks a bunch for posting to my post Big Smile

  • Thank you Jess.....I appreciate your kindness. I look forward to getting to know you as well.

  • Thank you Julie!!

    Humm...most excited about having a little sweet baby boy that calls my Mommy, I think that is the most heart melting thing ever because He knows your his Mom and he loves you no matter what....Ahh I  cant wait.

    Most Worried...That he will try to come preterm. I am only 6 months and we already had a little scare. So we are just praying to God he will stay in there and cook till at least 37 weeks.

  • Hey there I just had my daughter do you know what you are having yet? This will be very challenging. Just the one advice I will give you is REST NOW THAT YOU CAN lol. My daughter is 2weeks old now, I had her FEB 24,2012 girl it is all worth it at the end. :)) Hope you enjoy everything and hope to be your friend. You loose those so called friends when you are a mom now... I know from experience. 




  • Natalie- Awww Congrats!! I know a lot of people are telling me that. Yeah I know its ok though I am one of the last ones of my friends to have kids =) But I would love to have you as a friend!! You can fill me in about all the things you are going through. OH AND ITS A BOY! Aydenn Alejandro is what we are naming him! =)


  • Natalie- Thank you Smile. I bet, having a such a beautiful new little baby girl to care for must be a blast (Most of the time lol) I am very excited too about being a Mommy I have always wanted to have a baby of my own that calls ME MOMMY! Lol

    So am I, I have been buying things like crazy. He has so many out-fits, I don't think he will get the chance to wear them all before he starts growing lol.

    But Its also a scary thing to be a Mom....well at least it is to me because I just want to do everything right. Like feed him healthy, give him the right meds., discipline him to the right point where he don't hate me but also wont try and act like the boss. Ugh there just so much you learn and do.

  • I know. I hate it when people tell me ''DO THIS, DON'T DO THAT YOU ARE GOING TO SPOIL HER.'' Like really I don't care I just love carrying her in my arms. I know I will discipline her right. My husband is very strict he don't want me to run to her every time she crys but I hate when she crys. She is helpless so I don't listen to him LOL I go pick her up and check if shes hungry or wet, ect....    Are you going to breast feed?

  • Congrats on your boy!! You will love your little man. It really is a very rewarding job - SUPER tough at times - but the rewards are totally wonderful. I will pray your little boy stays put until he is full term with no complications. As for wanting to make sure you do everything right, I think we all do. It's a desire every mom has and, so far, I've found that talking to other moms, trusting your instincts, and being able to say you are sorry when you mess up are some things to help you do the best you can. No one is perfect - so it's okay to figure things out as you go. :-)