I'm PREGNANT and need Pregnant friends...! :(

  • I'm 12 weeks pregnant, and feel very alone in this. I don't have much support from family or friends...

    I'm 24, and my mother keeps telling me to "take care of it"....  she sees this pregnancy as a fire that needs to be extinguished.... I want to have my baby, but it's very hard to stay positive when I have to be around that 24/7...

    The baby's father is VERY supportive, he's my only support right now, besides some of his family member I keep in touch with... But it's very hard because he is away for another 2-4 months, so I'm alone all day long. And with these hormones and moos swings, i feel like i'm going crazy!

    If anyone is in a similar situation, wants to share experiences throughout their pregnancy or simply willing to give some support...maybe skype? or facebook... It would mean the WORLD to me.... and my peanut...

    Thank you,

    If I'm over stepping my boundaries, then I'd like to appolegize because those are not my intentions. And please ignore this post! 



  • Im 7 weeks pregnant and not quite in the same situation as you.  I have support but i have some family who used to be close not so close anymore because they do not like my husband.  I would like to be here for support if you like because i feel very alone too i have no friends who are pregnant either so everything is all new to me.  Just be strong and at least the babys father is supportive thats the part that matters in the end its your decision on what happens no one elses and it sounds like your doing a great job! :)  If you every need to vent at someone due to mood swings give me a message because i understand having no one to vent to.


    Have a great day

  • I'm not pregnant, I had my daughter Feb. 23, 2012. But I know exactly how you feel. My family wasn't exactly supportive of my pregnancy. Well Let me tell you my story..

    I found out I was pregnant June 23, 2011. My fiancee and I took my parents (who live in KY and we live in TN) out to breakfast to tell them the news. I said "Mama, Daddy: Rob and I wanted to tell you that you are going to be grandparents." At this point my mom asked us if we were getting a cat. I replied, "We're pregnant and expecting end of February, so no we are not getting a cat." Then she went on saying well with your medical history I don't know if you should carry on. Needless to say I stopped her and told her: the pregnancy wasn't planned but we could not be more happy and I WAS going to have my baby. She could be supportive or she wouldn't be involved. In July, one morning I woke up with severe stomach cramps and was rushed to the emergency room. After several hours I was discharged with diagnosis of threatened miscarriage. My mom didn't even answer my phone call or respond to my text messages.  At this point I knew my mom was not going to be supportive of my decision to keep my pregnancy going, but shes my mom and I needed her support. I never got it and she even turned my siblings and their partners, niece, and nephew against me. I found out I was having a girl the last week of September and texted everyone in my family the exciting news. I was hoping that knowing they were going to have a grand-daughter/niece they would finally come around to my pregnancy. But I was wrong. I received a text message from my sister basically saying my daughter was a bastard child cause I wasn't married. The next thing was my 26th birthday and Thanksgiving: I had to go to my mama's house due to tradition where no one spoke to me, except to insult/degrade me. Then my special needs niece would come up to me in December at my little sisters wedding (where I was asked to remove myself from the wedding party cause I was pregnant outside wedlock and she was having a Catholic wedding) and tell me I was having a miracle baby cause cause I wasn't married and my baby wasn't going to have a daddy. January I didn't bother to try to contact my family cause I had enough of their degrading remarks. I ended up on bed rest in February due to health reasons and all my family had to say was I knew it, "You and your health problems I'm surprised you made it this far in your pregnancy. Anyway I had my daughter 6 days early by emergency c-section. Since I had my daughter, Melody, my family has seen her once and that was because it was my brothers wedding. They don't want much to do with her. It sounds bad but if they don't want anything to do with my sweet baby girl, then she won't have anything to do with them. We made it through our pregnancy without them and we can continue to make it without them. Rob (my fiancee and baby's father) was incredibly supportive of our pregnancy and at times was the only support and at times the only shoulder for me to cry on and now he is the best daddy for our little Melody.


    This site is absolutely wonderful and it is a great support system. But if you wanna talk outside this site I have facebook

  • WOW skatie your story is very sad but touching, and reading this really gave me a boost of confidence because last night it felt like i hit rock bottom.. i was explaining to my mom how i want to go back to college and she bluntly said you dont have time to go back to school because if u dont have your own place by the time your baby comes your going to be homeless.. my heart dropped my family is jamaican so if my mom say i need to be out she really means it.. and then my sisters came over right after that and immediately jumped on my case saying how im going to fail, and im not going to make it no where in life and too make matters worse me and the father of my baby got into an argument later on and broke up.. so im like really on my own, my father keep telling me he knows im going to make it because im smart and talented but its so hard when the ppl i counted on the most to be there.. are treating me like im nothing.

  • Irie, Let me tell just say Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I know this is a very emotional time and without support it only makes it more difficult. I am sorry that you and your baby's father broke up, but I am glad that after reading what happened to me it gave you a boost in confidence and let you know you are not the only one who announces pregnancy and doesn't have majority family support. I am happy that your father is being supportive telling you your going to make it cause you are! Take all negative comments with a grain of salt and please don't let anyone walk right over you. You are a terrific person and you don't deserve to be treated like you're nothing.

    I don't know your situation personally but I want to says Kudos for wanting to go back to school. I know that education will take you far. I would first try to find a place to live outside of your mama's house and away from the derogatory remarks, the stress is not good for you and your pregnancy. A quiet retreat may be your saving grace, plus it will be a great place to study once you back into classes. A additional positive on getting your own place is it proves to your family "you can do anything you set your mind to". You are not a failure, but a loving caring mom-to be who would do anything for their child. Once you have secured a place to live, sign up for your college classes. You are going to do great! What do you plan on majoring while in school?

    i am going to tell you from experience it is not easy and it won't get easier for a while. I cried all the time throughout my pregnancy because I felt alone. I finally hit a point where I couldn't cry any more. I had to continue to be strong for my daughter. I had to work through my pregnancy for financial reasons and it was a blessing because the women I worked with ended up being my face to face support team. Maybe you could find face to face support in a similiar manner (although strongmoms is here always)Smile

    You are a wonderful magnificent person. You are early in your pregnancy and already doing everything possible for your child. I have to say listen to your father when he tells you "you are smart and talented and you will make it". I have to agree you will make it, but whatever choices you make the road to your destination is not a easy journey but getting there (mommyhood) is the best feeling in the world.

    Please keep us posted and if you need to vent: do so here so we can be as supportive as possible. Pregnancy and Parenthood are the two hardest things I have ever done in my life, but they are also the most rewarding



  • Some very difficult stories on here - heartbreaking to hear about families that don't provide the support and love you need as you bring your little baby into the world. I want to commend you for standing strong and knowing what is important to you. You most certainly CAN go on to achieve great things in life and reach your goals. It won't be easy at times but it is completely possible. Surrounding yourself with all the possible support in the world is incredibly important. One idea is to try and call the health department and see if they have any resources for support groups for pregnant women. Usually they have a social worker who has some great ideas for you. Come on here and chat as much as you like too - we are here for you and your sweet little baby! 

  • i know how difficult it can be when it doesnt seem like the people that are most important in your life arent there supporting you and celebrating this special time with you. from what ive read about you, you seem to very excited about yall new edition and i wish you the best of luck. at the very begining of my pregancy my mom said something similiar to what yours said but today she spoils that "lil peanut" more than i do (we also called her peanut until she was almost a year old) she says she feels obligated to be closer to her than the rest of her grankids after her reaction to my pregancy but either way things worked out for the best and now we couldnt be happier. i hope the same thing for you and your lil peanut and if you need a shoulder to lean on heres one for you. good luck and god bless <3


  • MerSiha87,

    I know what you mean! Well, about the mood swings at least. I had my husband's family, but not my own. It was my choice to leave, because my family was not....safe per say. I have a facebook and would be very happy to talk to you! I am no longer pregnant, I had our baby girl two months ago and she is the most precious thing that ever happened to us!! However, the mood swings and over emotional things do not stop after birth! If anything, they increase! XD So if you ever need to talk, let me know and we can find each other on facebook. Oh, and definitely not over-stepping bounds! This is what the site is for, isn't it? :) God bless!

  • I'm so glad to see so many moms and dads reaching out through this post!  Support is AMAZING!  Keep it up everyone!

    :) -Jess

  • Hello,

    I'm Duong. I'm 20 weeks pregnant. My Mom live far away. I dont have any support from my family. My husband who is the one taking care of me. I'm looking for friend like you too to talk and share some experience and news from babies.

    Talk to you later.

  • Duong - I'm sorry it's so hard with your family far away. It seems like pregnancy is the one time in life when you really need them! I'm glad you found this site to talk to people and share things with. Is there anything in particular that is troubling you or that you are worried about? I'd love to chat. Write back! 

  • i am currently 30 weeks and i have had more support then i could ask for but have had a very rough prengnancy. i am here for anyone that needs some support or just someone to talk to.

    keep your head up.i know its hard to stay positive but keep your little peanut in your mind at all times and know your family and friends are missing out on a beautiful thing.

  • Hi, My name is Kathy Dillon on FB & i am online alot during the day, I am 36 years old. I am 18 weeks pregnant right now & my husband is a truck driver but he is home every night.  I would be available if you need someone to talk to most of the day. Keep your head up.

  • Congrats on the Pregnancy! I completely understand the hormones and the chaos they create...but it will all work out. I find that when I am in a "mood" taking a few deep breaths and reminding myself that it all adds up to a wonderful little Baby, then it becomes more bareable. I am 17 weeks pregnant, so we are on the same journey. Just let it roll off, the things your Mom is saying. There may be reasons why she is acting this way that have nothing to do with you or the Baby. She may be scared for you...any number of reasons could make her talk that way. As for the father of your tiny one...is he Military ? If so, I can understand that part too. My husband was in the Navy...and was gone a lot early in our marriage. Like you, I felt alone and just wanted friends to talk to. Know in your heart that all will be well. Just take care of yourself by getting plenty of rest, taking your Prenatal Vitamins and eating a balanced diet. Also, drink plenty of water.