I'm PREGNANT and need Pregnant friends...! :(

  • I was in that same position when I was 17 with my 1st child and I had 2 more by the time I was 21 and I wouldnt have changed a thing...It's hard but worth every minute..My 1st child has CP and he is a gift from God...I was the black sheep in the family and nobody thought I could do it..needless to say the joke was on them..My oldest will be 17 this year, and my middle one will be 14 and my 3rd will be 12 and Im now 11 weeks 3days pregnant with my 4th (after I had my tubes tied for 10 years, I got them untied when I married my husband) It did take me awhile to find a decent man that loves me and my kids like they was his own and he is even adopting them...I had no baby daddy to help me with my 1st two and then the 3rd one didnt stay around long...Me and my mom are closer now than ever and it took YEARS!! and of course me moving out of state..LOL..Keep your head up and stay strong and remember you arent alone...Im glad that the babys father is supportive (count that as a blessing)    :) 

  • I will be a new mother in the next couple of days. I didn't find out i was pregnant till i was almost 3 months i start having night sickness and not being able to sleep. I then told my mother and we took a home test and then made an appointment at planned parenthood. Once it was confirmed we made a ob appointment and come to find out i was almost 4 months pregnant and 6 weeks later i found out i was having a boy!!! My mom and dad have been very supportive through my whole pregnancy, if it wasn't for my mom and dad i don't know how i would of made it this far. Most of my other family members are supportive but for the most part they really don't involve me in the family get togethers anymore. I AM NEW HERE AND I AM ALSO LOOKING FOR FRIENDS TO TALK TO, WITH THIS BEING MY FIRST CHILD I AM NOT SCARED TO ADMITT I AM SCARED BUT IN THE END I KNOW I WILL BE A GOOD AND SUCCESSFUL MOTHER.

  • I agree to keep them out of your life for acting that way. I was married before i had my child & i didn't have this problem with either 1 of them, but i have put people out of my life for not acting appropriate. I didn't want those people around my children. My mom lives miles away & i see my dad once in a while, but i wouldn't force anyone to be part of my childrens lives.

    My husband & i do just fine on our own without babysitters & i am a stay at home mom. My family did disagree with me being a sahm because i had a good job/career, but it's not their choice. It can be done & you don't have to sacrifice your childs mental well being by having those kinds of people around.

    Good luck!!!


  • im  very sorry to hear about the lack of support ur family is giving. I'm not in the smae situation exactly however time are very ruff for me and my fiance as we about to become homeless. My advise to u is that u keep a strong bond with the babys father and dont let ur family stress u out!! when u stress ur baby stresses too!! one thing to remember is that whether or not they support u, its always gonna be u an ur baby 4EVER!!!! so just focus on how u wanna raise ur child...sorry to say this but ppl come and go, and family are just ppl. if they dnt have ur bak then u shud distance urself at least or the duration o ur pregnany to limit as much stress as possible. ur hormones are already going crazy u need added stress. i think u will be just fine....if u wanna talk more u can add me on FB my name is PrincessPreggo...Gud luck!!!

  • Hi, my husband is in the military so I know all to well what its like to feel alone.I didn't have my parents support during my first pregnancy. They went so far as to tell me that my husband would grow tired of us and that no Man Wants to be tied down in their twenties. I am now pregnant with my second and though we struggled a bit we made it and I feel better than ever knowing that I did it without them. I don't resent them I just make sure I let them know I'm greatful they don't play.anpart in my children's life because if they did my children would be just as miserable as they are. YOU CAN DO IT. If anyone knows I do.
  • I know exactly how you feel. My family basically hates me and my kids. I am pregnant with my 5th child. They all tell me to give it up for adoption. I am not doing that. It is too hard. Its my 2nd boy. My oldest is a boy and he is overjoyed to finally have a lil brother. The only support I have is my fiance. I am hoping to have a non complicated csection and everything goes well cause it will be my 5th one. I am scared to death and so alone.


  • I am 26 and 5 weeks pregnant. I am very sorry to hear that your family isn't supportive of you and your little miracle. If you need someone to talk to, I am more than happy to! I have Facebook, and you can find me under "Brianne Bellmore" or you can find me on Skype "briannebellmore". I look forward to talking to you, and hopefully we can support each other through this very happy time! :-)

  • I'm also in my 20's, 23, and having my first baby too. I'm 28 weeks along and I can definitely relate to family not being supportive. I was kicked out of my moms house when my aunt and uncle found out. Now my new husband and I are living with his family, we are in the process of moving out but it has been really difficult. Keep strong, I am on FB and am looking for other new moms, if you live in AZ even better so our babies can have buddies when they are old enough for play dates. 


    Keep strong, don't let them get you down, it is your body and your decision and you will love your baby and your family will HAVE to accept that baby or you are better off finding a NEW family, friends who love you and your baby. :D