How to say no to people touching pregnant stomach?

  • I definitely find this being a huge problem throughout my pregnancy: How do I tell people I dont want them to touch my stomach. I dont want to sound rude or anything but sometimes I get really aggravated when people touch my stomach, especially when they do not ask for permission!! I allow my family to touch it whenever I am in a good mood but sometimes a few of my friends think they can feel my stomach but the truth is I don't want them to either.. is this rude? It just gets aggravating sometimes..

  • When I was pregnant I ordered a shirt that indicated to not touch my belly. It said "touch the belly, lose a hand". People thought the shirt was cute and it prevented them from touching me.

  • During my pregnancy, I frankly tell people that I don't want them to touch my belly because I am not comfortable.

  • skatieyonts, that's a good idea also....that helps,

  • TaylerRae-

    I would not like that at all!  It is your body and you get to decide who touches you and when.  I think you have gotten some great advice already.  I agree with the others, be clear with people, and do so in a kind manner "please don't touch my stomach".

    Let us know how things are going,


  • TaylerRae - I know how you feel. You don't want to come across as rude but you really don't want people in your personal space. I just try to say it in a light-hearted but firm way. Sometimes I'll say something like, "I'm not a fan of people rubbing the belly - sorry!" or "It's just a little too weird for me - sorry!". If people get upset or offended, that's really their problem because it's your body and your personal boundaries. Don't worry about being rude - just keep yourself comfortable. :-) 

  • Did you find something that worked for you yet? My stomach is getting bigger and it just seems like an invitation for people to touch it! 

  • I chose to just take the route of telling people that I feel uncomfortable when someone touches my stomach. Most of the time I will turn away from someone if they begin to reach towards my stomach and say "Not today, I'm just not in the mood to be touched." I had to stop caring too much about everyone elses feelings and do what I felt was comfortable! I hope you find whats best for you and keeps you comfortable!Smile

  • Good for you. :-) Glad you found a solution that works.

  • I'm only 17 weeks pregnant, and the "bump" is starting to show a tiny bit...and I definately do not want total strangers touching my belly. To me, the female body is sacred space...especially when a Baby is within. I would ask people nicely not to touch my belly. That is bad behavior on their part to think they can just grab or touch...also you could get a shirt made that says " Construction Arae, DO NOT tresspass !" You, as a woman DO have the right to set your own boundaries as to what you are comfortable with.

  • If people are constantly touching your belly i would suggest touching their stomach back it will make them stop and feel uncomfortable. 

  • I'm 33 weeks pregnant and work in retail 40+ hours a week, so I see alot of people and people see me.  Surprisingly I haven't had a problem with people touching me!  Which I am very thankful for....I too would HATE it!  Just be honest with people and tell them you don't want to be touched!  If you are nice and say nothing they think you are ok with it!


  • I've been thinking about this post for a while and you know.. i never really had problems with people touching my stomach.. well not strangers anyway. just family and close work friends. I however did have an issue with strange unwelcome comments... I too worked 40 hours a week at Walgreen's during my entire pregnancy... It was during Christmas time so i must have been about 33 weeks pregnant and I was checking out this lady one day and she looked down at my belly then looked back up at me and said "Santa sent my in to see if you've been naughty or nice"... then proceeded to say " I can see you've been naughty"... WHO DOES THAT!!!!! I was seriously speechless... it was the funniest rude comment i think has ever been directed at me... the lady was obviously out of her mind!