Induced Labor

  • I am expecting my 4th child, but this is the first time I'm being induced and I'm scared to death. Anyone care to share your induction stories or have any advice? Anything "positive" is greatly appreciated!!


  • I was induced with 2 of my children and it isn't that bad. They will admit you, start a slow pitocin drip and let your body take over the rest. When you get too uncomfortable, you can probably get an epidural if that is something you are interested in. Don't isn't too bad and in the end totally worth it!


  • Lots of people need to get induced for one reason or another. Don't worry too much! Like MommyRN4 said, they will start a slow pitocin drip that will help get contractions going. If you are not dilated at all, they may give you something to soften your cervix as well. Just bring plenty of support and some things to do while you wait for everything to kick into gear! :-) Good luck! 

  • jr_jones79-

    I am so glad that you found the web board and a place to post your concerns.  I have never been induced, but from what I have seen as a nurse and from what friends have shared (just like MommyRN4) it goes smoothly and then you have a beautiful healthy baby in your arms before you know it!  I'm hoping that others can post and share their experiences with you.  Please let me know if there is anyway I can support you.  I will be sending good thoughts your way.  -Jess

  • When are you getting induced? Did you already have your baby or is it scheduled for the near future? Let us know!


  • when i was induced i had already been having contractions for weeks; some strong and some not. i was given something called cervatil (i think that's what they said it was) it's a tiny pill that is inserted next to your cervix to soften it. after two hours i was dialated to 5 then after a second dose i was good to go. i didn't get any pitocin until after my little girl was born.  my labor went super smooth and there weren't any complications. good luck on your induction!

  • Brinny, thanks for sharing that with us all!  I'm so glad that you had a good experience,

    :) Jess