11 weeks and very big already

  • I am no stranger to pregnancy but, in this my second pregnancy I my belly is way bigger than it was with my first pregnancy (twin girls) . I have asked my doctor to do a sonogram at my last visit to make sure everything is ok . Though, I am not having any symtoms of miscarriage, I am still very worried. The doc decided not to do the sonogram and has set my next appointment for May 1st. I am really hoping I can have a sonogram then as I will be just going into my fourth month.

  • I'm glad that you were able to make an appt for an ultrasound.  Do keep us updated on how things are going.


  • It is rather common for women to show earlier in their second and third pregnancies because your uterus is already stretched out from the first one! I know that I always showed much earlier. It is possible that you are carrying twins! In addition, there are some mild but benign conditions that could make you look bigger than you are. No worries yet, but you are right to schedule an ultrasound! Let us know when you find out!

  • Dont worry I when I was 11 weeks it looked like I was 5 months. Asked my doctor why am I showing so quickly. He said when you have had previous full term births each pregnancy you show much early than previous pregnancies. Sometimes due to muscle retention in abdomen. As for me my pregnancy is 14 years apart, thought my muscles would have contracted more than it was.

  • Greekgurly - the other posters have some good points about your uterus being stretched already from your previous twin birth. It is possible that you are showing much more rapidly this time. I hope all is well and that your doctor is able to give you good information at your next appointment. Hang in there!

  • How are things going? I am just checking in to see how your ultrasound went? Is everything okay?

  •   Thank you for asking  but, I havent gone back to the doctor yet.... My next appointment is on Tuesday, May 1st.... I feel good though and Im very optimistic about my pregnancy.... Yes

  • I went back to the ob doctor today and they wont do a sonogram until I am 20 weeks pregnant.... However, they did let us listen to the baby's heartbeat and its very strong.... I am supposed to go back in 4 weeks for more lab work.... I had an appointment scheduled for the 8th of May to do a biopsy on my cervix because my pap came back abnormal but, they canceled it and said they wanted to wait awhile longer..... So not looking forward to that but, I need to know.....  

  • My doctors office called me today and informed me that I failed my glucose screening and I have to back to the doctor this Tuesday and take the 3 hour glucose test..... Now, I have a good idea of why this baby is so big....... Im really worried about what else can possibly go wrong if the doctors office calls every couple of weeks with more bad news.....  Confused

  • Greekgurly,  Isn't it funny how our intuition works?!  I just got on the boards and had a feeling I should check in with you.  I am sorry that your glucose test didn't go perfectly, but as you said that may be why this kiddo is a bit bigger.  What I can offer you is a good deal of reassurance.  If in fact you do have gestational blood sugar issues, then you can work with your doctor and develop a plan to help get your blood sugars down.  Your doctor will watch that baby a bit closer, and from what I have seen as a pediatric and infant nurse-your baby will do great.  As you are aware these kids are a bit bigger-so 10 pounds not alarming-at birth.  The key to understanding all of this is understanding that mom has been providing baby with a consistent and high level of sugar while in uterus.  Then once born they suddenly are cut off from the constant glucose so their blood sugars can get low easily and quickly.  Thus, when delivered it's will be very important to get that little one a form of sugar quickly and to test his/her blood sugar level.  Many babies do just fine and stay with mom having a bit of increased monitoring by the nurses.  Some babies go to the nursery for a few hours so that the nurses can help him/her get a bit of extra sugar and make sure that he/she will be able to maintain blood sugars without the support of being in the womb.  Some babies (and this is a small number) spend a day or two in the nursery getting some IV sugar water in addition to getting fed from mom either via bottle or breast-whatever you choose.  As an infant nurse i LOVED caring for these kiddos because they do really well.  One of the best things is that delivery most always cures the gestational blood sugar issues, so your body will return to normal as well.  If you have more questions please reply and I'll check in on you.  I hope this will make your weekend a bit easier as you wait to see your doc on Tuesday.  Take care,  -Jess

  • Aww, I'm sorry you have to go in and redo the test. Hang in there - if you do indeed have gestational diabetes, you can often simply make some dietary changes that keep things in control. It seems like pregnancy can just be one thing after another. Take comfort in knowing that your doctor is thorough and on top of your healthcare. They have a lot of experience helping women through pregnancies. I'm sending positive thoughts your way!

  • Hey how are things going? Did you get the glucose test results back from the second time? What else is going on?

  • I just retook the test yesterday, I should know something by Friday maybe Monday at the latest.... Until then I have been just trying to eat as healthy as possible.... I will keep you posted!!!!