a girls middle name to go with emory

  • We havent found out what we are having yet, and havent told anyone we were pregant. We planned on suprising everyone with a picture of our two lil girls holding the ultrasound with the new baby's name under it. We already have a boys name picked out and have agreed on a girls fist name but no middle name yet. We have decided to go with Emory, maybe spelled different. Please let me know if you have any middle name suggestions or a different way of spelling it. Ive thought about Emory Rast, it was her grandmas maiden name, any thoughts?


  • I love your pick for her first name that is so pretty!  I'm not sure about middle names, have you gone through all the family names?  People spell their children's names in all different ways.  You could start with two Es, Eemory, you can play with it!

    Let us know what you decide, I can't wait for others to put their two cents in!


  • i think Emory Jane or Rose would sound pretty

  • Pretty Name and very unique...I LiSmileke Emoryie it DIFF...middle name Emory Madison, Emory Elizabeth, Emory Grace....or even go with the name you choose whatever makes you and your partner happy...GOOD LUCK.

  • thank yall for yalls comment, i like emory jane and elizabeth alot as well as the rest of them. i cant wait to found out what we are having, we should know the first, i will keep yall posted and let yall know of name we have chosen , thanks again Big Smile

  • that's a pretty name, i have never ear it. my opinions for the middle name are... emory yamileth, emory estephany, emory elideth, emory joseline, emory gloribeth... i could think in many names, but my newborn is already crying, sorry...

  • Cute name - my co-worker spells her daughter's  name "Emery". I like all the suggestions and think Emory Jane is especially sweet. :-) 

  • Everyone has such good ideas!  I really liked this spelling: Emoryie  Very cool!  I love middle names with family heritage, what are the grandmothers names?  Great grandmas?

    Let us know what you think!


  • When do you find out what you are having? I think Emory Jane is nice or Emory Elizabeth or Emory Aurora...you can always choose your middle name and give that to her. Do you like unique middle names or more common ones?

  • thank yall for the suggestions.... we find out the next tuesday. i like unique names for the most part. my middle name is lynn but my oldest daugters name is lailyn so i thoug it would be kind of similair


  • Oooh, so soon! Come back and tell us the big news after your ultrasound!

  • I think the the perfect middle name to go with that would be Emory Dior  It is different and unique and ha a nice ring to it

  • Awaiting_Princess, that is a great match!  I was also thinking "rose".  Cls713-are you still checking the boards? We would love an update!