Baby Girl

  • Today I recently found out im having a beautiful baby girl...My fiance and I are so very pleased and so excited...Im having different emotions abut everything, epecially trying to find a new pediatrician, looking for classes for new mothers, and everything i feel so exhausted at times even after a break! Sleep

  • Gladtobemommy-

    Congrats on your big news, that is so exciting.  What are you most looking forward about being a mom-and now about having a daughter!  Get ready for a lot of pink in your house! 


  • congratulations!!!! a baby girl!!! you know, 2 weeks ago i was pregnant of a baby girl too, but now, i have her in my arms. how many weeks are you?   im glad you are woring about your baby, those clases could help a lot, but each baby has different  "intructions"... unfortunelly, the user manual is not included...LOL... its normal you are very are pregnant and you are having a girl, they used to make us more sleepy.            

  • How exciting, I just recently had my little girl. They are so much fun!! Dont stress, it will all come in good time. Its good to be worried sometimes though, shows you will be a good mom! Ask your GYN if they recomend a pedi. They will usually recomend someone familiar to them, that helped me a ton! Also the hospital you are delievering at will most likely have a babies 101 class. Its so helpful. Give yourself a set list of 2 or 3 goals you want to accomplish and dont put too much on your plate! It will all work itself out and before you know it your baby girl will be here! Sleep while you can!

  • Congrats on your little girl! :-) I know the feeling of exhaustion with pregnancy - just try to take things one day at a time and not overdo yourself too much. It certainly can seem overwhelming but you'll get the important things done that you need to before your little one comes. Congrats again! 

  • It is natural to feel overwhelmed with all of the new responsibilities and things you need to do when you are pregnant. To counteract this..try making a list. Lists are great for helping you see what needs to be done and helping you feel in control of everything. Then assign one small thing to do each make a phone call to a pediatrician etc.. Good luck!