• Hmmim 19 weeks right now I keep dreaming its a girl. I have a 3 year old girl  right now Im wondering is it going to be a girl again cuz when i had my first daughter i would have dreams that she was girl and my dreams were right has anyone elses  dreams been right on what there babys gender is ?

  • I've heard a lots of people dreaming the right gender for their baby. Let me know if it comes true for you! I, unfortunately, have no instinct when it comes to that...I've been wrong two times! Oh well. :-) 

  • Unfortunately, you can't place a lot of stock in dreams. I am pregnant with my 5th child and dreamt the entire first 20 weeks that it was a girl, but the ultrasound proved me wrong..It is another boy!


  • SurpriseI went to the dr today its a boy my dreams were wrong

  • Congrats on the news that you are having a BOY!  That is wonderful news!  What are you most excited about in regard to the baby being a boy?  -Jess Smile

  • Big SmileThank you Im so excited cuz i have my little girl already. she gets so happy she talks to my belly I cant wait to buy him clothes. I'm so happy its a boy hes gonna look just like his daddy. can't wait to see him.

  • I can see your smile right through the wireless waves!  It sounds like things are just perfect-having a daughter and now a son!  I bet that Dad is very excited as well-a bit less pink in the house?!  Do keep us posted on how your pregnancy progresses.  I also wanted to point out to you that we have several other boards in our community that might be really helpful to you and your family as it gets closer to baby's birth, as well as in those days to years that follow his birth.  If you go to the main page for boards take a look around the "Baby's first year", "Baby Gear" and "Feeding" boards.  These might help with any questions that you have or support you might be looking for with your new baby.  The "toddler" board is generally really helpful for families that have a youngster and are looking at welcoming a new baby into the house-that is a hard transition for many siblings.  Then of coarse it's helpful as both of your kiddos grow.  The last board to check out iis the moms/dads board which can help the whole family.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you (and family) better!  Keep us in the loop, Jess

  • Yes yes we are very excited. well my daughter likes the dallas cowboys like her dad she doesnt really like to dress girly so not much pink here. i have to ask her 10 times to dress in pink or in a dress lol but she will. i will keep u posted on how its going thank you

  • Congrats on your boy! I have one and another on the way - little boys sure do love their mammas. :-) You will love your little guy and it's so sweet that your little girl is excited. It makes your heart swell to see your little one loving on their sibling, doesn't it? :-) My little boy does the same to my belly and I'll try to remember the love when he is not wanting to share with his little brother down the road! ;-)

  • Thank you thats what my boyfriend ask " is he going to be a mammas boy"  yes he is lol and my daughter has cars so i know she won't share them with her lil brother. how many months are you ?