First pregnancy....having a natural labor.

  • I'm pregnant with my first child, and my planning to go totally natural.  I have a nurse/midwife already picked out.  I'm just wondering if anyone on here had a completely natural first labor?  Since I've never had kids before I have no idea what to expect but I'm willing to try it, I'm just a little scared.

  • Mrsmusson17-

    First of all congrats on your pregnancy, that is so exciting! Big Smile  I think it's great that you have a nurse midwife all picked out and are planning on a natural birth.  My best friend had both of her girls at home with the help of a midwife and Anna and her family had a wonderful experience...and has two beautiful and healthy daughters.  There are many advantages in working with a mid-wife and I think that one of the greatest advantages is that the birthing experience is a holistic one!  Nurses do a wonderful job of taking into account the entire baby, mom and family when planning, preparing for and during the birth (mental, physical, and spiritual health).  I'm just so excited for you!  Please continue to post with questions as they arise or even if you are just needing some support. 


  • Congratulations! I am so excited for you. While I didn't have a natural childbirth, I admire those that do. I have several friends that did it and they couldn't have been happier with their choice. Good luck and let us know how it goes! When are you due?

  • November 21st:)

  • Congrats on your new baby, i tried doing a natural birth with my first but unfortunatly i did not have the help of a midwife to coach me on so i become very fustrated and couldnt stand the pain any longer. also while in labor you get really tired and thats what happen to me. i wanted to rest but couldnt because of the pain and i was extremely restless so i ended up getting the epidural. now that i am pregnant again and have a little knowledge about delivering a baby im going to try to go natural again. Good Luck! and wish me luck

  • congradulations! i just like to let you know i personally had all 3 of my kids natural. i didnt have any problems with anything. i am a baby when it comes to pain but when i was in labor thing prgressed really quickly so i had no time to worry. so do your best and whatever you choose remember to enjoy the outcome of all your hard work.

  • Well my child wasn't exactly "natural" because I did have an epidural but by the time I  had her the medicine had worn off. My doctors had me quit taking it because I could not  feel contractions to begin with but by the time I had her I felt everything. I can honestly say that if you are scared of pain don't be. The contractions are the worse part and all I felt was the cramping like long cramps then short ones and then you are in such a different place in your mind that you won't feel any pain. I tore 2 layers and didn't even realize it. I was in labor 17 1/2 hours after they had me stop taking it. Plus I fractured my back in 5 different places while in labor and didn't care all you want to do is see your baby. Be strong and have your baby the way you want. Back in the day everyone did it natural

  • Since your baby is due in November you will have plenty of time to get well prepared for your delivery. Good luck and congratulations!


  • I am pregnent with my first one to and nevous after seenin what my sister went though havin hers last month. i am scared.

  • I talked to my midwife yesterday and she told me if I can make it to 7cm then I can make it all the way.  She said the pain doesn't really get worse from here, it's just a different type of pain.  I'm sure You'll do great:) good luck!!

  • That is so good to hear! I am sure so many moms will take comfort knowing that if they can just get to 7 cm then it won't get any worse. I am due in August and would love to try to go naturally, but it hasn't worked out that way so far! I may just give it a go now that I know I just have to get to 7 cm!


  • when she told me that I felt better. 

  • hooo God!!! i would like to hear  that before!! i just had my baby 3 weeks ago and i planed to have it naturally, or having any madication if i needed, but i  was in labor only 4 hours, the pitocin did a good job lol. i was already 3 cm and no pain when i got to the hospital to induse my labor because my baby head was very low. i only handle until 5cm with no madication and i was already crying (don't scare, others womens handle better that me), i thought it was going to be worse and i asked for the epidural. but now you tell me that if you get to 7cm  you could be alright with the pain. ok, maybe the next good luck you can do it, if my grandmas and my mother did it 4 times completly naturally, now every women can do it.

  • Do you plan on taking any classes or reading some books? If you do, I'd love to know which ones were most helpful for you! I'm pregnant with my second and plan on skipping an epidural this time. You can do it! :-) 

  • It's not as bad as u think. I just had my first baby and had it natural it was not as bad as everyone made it out to be. It was actually a touching experiences for me and I will diffidently have all my kids naturally