First pregnancy....having a natural labor.

  • I had all my kids natural. It was a wonderful experience. I did it because I really wanted to know how it feel to have a baby.

  • I loved having my midwife when delivering my first; so I am using her again for my second.  I totally did a natural birth that was 22 hours long.   I had my baby in the hospital with my midwife there and my Doula.  My Doula is the one who really helped me the most and saved my husband as well.  If I cried he would cry too.  Labor is very hard for me, my body does not start by itself so I had to be induced.  My water does not break on its own and I sat at a 7 for 2 hours before my body decided to go into transition.   But I had a fantastic support system.  When I wanted to just give up and be done my Midwife and Doula would suggest other things to help stay calm.  I really recommend a birthing ball, and a jetted tub, they are wonderful. 

    Giving birth is a scary thing, especially the first time but it is amazing too and worth everything for the tiny bundle at the end.  And yes the "unknown" can be scary...but work with your midwife and don't be scared/intimidated to ask lots of questions.  I love that there is no taboo or uncomfortable question for a midwife.  They have seen and done just about everything.  Good Luck and remember you are stronger than you think, you are a woman!