Prenatal Vitamins and Big Babies

  • Have anyone taken their prenatal vitamins since the moment they found out they were pregnant up until the moment they delivered? With my first son i took my prenatals the moment i picked them up from the pharmacy until the end of my prenancy. although he was a normal size baby 7lbs 12oz, he is a big boy for his age (not fat). hes three and people mistake him to be older then his age alot and his doctors says hes off the charts for his age. now that i am pregnant again i have been taking my prenatal vitamins the same way and the doctors are saying the baby is very big. im trying to figure out if these prenatals have something to do with me having these big kids lol.

  • It sounds like you work hard at having healthy pregnancies!  That is great!  I don't think the vitamins have much to do with size, but they certainly help optimize healthy growth and development of organs and tissues.  Your kiddos are very lucky to have such a good mom!!


  • I was taking the prenatal pills before I was pregnant and even after while I was breastfeeding. My baby was 6lbs when she was born now she is almost 6 months and almost 16 lbs. She is tall as well but to me that means she is healthy. She was exactly on the 50th percentile for her age at her last check up. My sister has a son who is six and she as well took prenatal while she was pregnant and her son is so undersized he is on the charts for a 4 yr old and he has always been under.I don't think the pills decide the size of the child but I also know that the guess of a large child pre-birth is an approximate guess. They won't know for sure until your beautiful health happy baby is here. Keep on the pills for health reasons for you and your baby.Good luck  

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  • I agree with Jess Baby Rn, I don't think the prenatal vitamins made them bigger than they should be. Chances are, if you look back at your parents and your hubby's parents, you may find that someone on your family tree had big genes! My little boy started off big, but slimmed down by the time he was 5. As long as he is healthy, I wouldn't worry too much!


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  • I agree with the others... this is a good "problem!" Good luck with your pregnancy, and if your Doc says everything is going OK and you feel good, then not to worry!