Just wanna talk.

  • Ive been on here before gotten many questions answered and its awesome.  But now im just kinda looking for someone to talk to. I have friends so im not completely alone but they work threw the week on third shift. So i just kinda want a friend who is also a mom. I have a yahoo and skype. Im 19 and this is my first time being pregnant. So just reply back if ya want....Thanks :-)

  • Hi, I know what ya mean. I'm so used to working constantly and being around lots of people... Even during my pregnancy I worked until my boss kicked me out of the store because he was afraid I'd go into labor at work.... My little girl was born a week later Smile.. Now I'm a stay at home mom because I can't bring myself to trust anyone to take care of my little Hazel as well as I do. Now I've moved out of state and everyone I know works constantly. So I know how lonely it can become when you don't have anyone to relate to.... I don't have skype or anything like that but you're always more than welcome to make a post if you're feeling lonely or need to vent or something. Everyone here is super nice and eager to hand out some advice if they can help. I know it's been a comfort for me to be able to come here and read through the forums. 

  • Hello. Sounds like your boss sorta saw it coming...Congrats though. :-) Ive always worked until my boyfriend told me to quit cuz he could support us both and im not that far along yet but it would be hard for me to go back to work because nobody wants to hire a pregnant chick who will have to leave because she will be having a baby in a couple of months. Lol But netflix and crotchet is what is keeping me busy and the internet. Hazel is a beautiful name. :-) and i am not a mom yet and im sure i will be exactly how you are where you dont want anyone else to take care of her. But dont you need a break? Just you and your man? Sorry dont wanna over step boundaries. Just trying to make conversation. 

    Anyways, i do have a question for you. When you were pregnant did you have dreams? Like weird ones? I have this one alot actually. Its where my closet talks to me. Sometimes very harsh conversations and some very easy going. I know im not going crazy because these dreams just started when i got pregnant. My boyfriend says that i have very long conversations. He never wakes me because he dosent want to scare me. But i dont know. Ive done some research and all ive read was that i will have dreams because i might be having worries about being pregnant.  Sorry but its been on my mind and just thought i would ask....

  • Thanks I've had a lot of nice responses about my daughters name. She was named after a great great aunt and her middle name is from my sister. No worries on overstepping boundaries with me, I'm probably the least shy person on the planet and anyone can ask me anything and i'll always answer as honestly as possible. I suppose that at some point her dad and I would like to have some time to ourselves, but he works an average of 10-11 hours a day and doesn't get to see her much except on the weekends. Not to mention that we LOVE to be with her. It's so awesome watching all the new things she learns every day. She catches on very quickly. For example we teach her animal noises to help with speech development and every time we say " Hazel, Do you know what a cow says?" she starts smiling because she know next we're going to say " a cow says MOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"... It's the most adorable thing. And to answer your dream question I didn't really have many dreams while I was pregnant, and I'm notorious for having conversations in my sleep so that wouldn't have been pregnancy related for me. I hear that having strange dreams while you're pregnant is very common, I busted my butt so hard while I was pregnant that walking up the stairs to my apartment at the end of the night was a challenge. I would get home have dinner and pass out. You're supposed to take it easy while you're pregnant I've been told, but I grew up on a farm and taking it easy isn't in my vocabulary. Anyway If you're dreams are creeping you out too much maybe talking to someone who know about dreams and their meanings might help you. If indeed it is because there's something you're afraid of about pregnancy or birth then perhaps educating yourself as much as possible on pregnancy, labor and delivery would be of help to you. I'm a bit of a freak and have been studying fetal development, labor and delivery since I was probably nine or ten years old. For whatever reason I find life facinating. Not just human life but all life. Let me know if you need anything or anyone to talk to. I'm always on here. 

  • I feel the same way and am in a very similar situation. I am 6months pregnant, 19, have 2 jobs and take classes. I feel like there has been certain boundaries that have already come up between my friends and I. A busy schedule and preparations make it hard for social stuff and they do not always seem to understand why, although they do know all about it. Feel free to send me anything, even if its just some tips you have picked up on. I know things will continue to be kind of hard but I already love the little terror that seriously enjoys moving around and beating me up. Smile

  • I can relate. None of my friends had kids when I was pregnant with my son. Only one of my friends has a baby now (she just had her this month). It is good to have friends who have kids so they can offer advice and such.