My 2nd pregnancy and have a jealous 15 month old HELP!!

  • Smile Hi everyone my name is Lana. I have a 15 month old who is starting to show some jealousy symptoms towards my pregnancy. At time he will just  come and hit my stomach anybody have any  ideas of what i can do?? I am trying to teach him that we need to use gentle touches and be nice it works at times, other times he just hits and jumps on me when resting. I am 25 weeks pregnant  and can't wait to have my second baby boy Big Smile.

  • At 15 months, I doubt he really understands that there is a baby in your tummy. He may simply be responding to your growing look..A large pregnant belly does look like an awfully appealing punching bag to many young toddlers. Regardless of his motivations though, you do have a right not to be punched! Keep telling him that it is not nice to punch or hit and that it hurts mommy. Say "Ouch" loudly and frown. This will help him understand that what he just did was not nice. If he continues it, you may get the point across with a small time out. Good luck and hang in there!



  • Asalieh2-

    Congrats on your pregnancy, I am so happy and excited for you!  It sounds like your 15 month is showing some normal feelings of uncertainty about having a new sibling and he probably doesn't quite understand what the pregnancy is really all about.  It might be very helpful to help him understand more about what being a big brother is about and about when that is going to happen (in general terms).  There are many good books about being a sibling made for children around this age and that might be a good place to start.  Another thing that may help him is talking to him about some of the things he will get to do as a big brother. Some parents get the sibling a baby doll or stuffed animal and have them bundle the doll and rock to sleep, or feed the babydoll a bottle.  Helping him model some of the baby care can help siblings adjust.  It is also going to be very important for him to have special time with mom and dad that is consistent as well.  So perhaps bath and story time that is just 1:1 and everynight before bed will offer him reassurance that he will maintain the important place that he has in the family.  Please do keep us posted on how things are going, and congrats again!


  • I have a 2.5 year old that does the same thing! I think, like MommyRN4 said, the growing tummy is a source of interest since it's a new thing! Just keep working on reinforcing no hitting in general and try your best to shield yourself when resting so no accidents occur. I'm due with my second little boy as well - congrats!!

  • How is it going? Is your little guys still hitting your stomach or are things getting any better?

  • Hey MommyRN4,

    Things are a lot better no more hitting or kicking my stomach, but dealing with the biting Big Smile. I've got him to stop biting me, now he bites his dad when he wants attention. My husband and I are giving him lots  of attention taking him out more to play and have fun. he is getting better. my fingers are crossed that he will enjoy having his baby brother  around in August. when we go out I'll show him other babies and tell him that he is going to be a big brother and he will be mommy's little helper. We practice on his stuffed monkey he thinks its funny. Anyways i've been super busy, but thanx for remembering me.


  • Aww - you are doing a great job with all the practice on his monkey and pointing out other babies. I'm sure there will be some adjustments when the baby comes but you'll do great. :-) Keep it up! 

  • Asalieh2-

    Great job and so glad to hear that things are going better!  Keep us posted!


  • Thank You Jess & PediNurseJulie, Big Smile

    I really appreciate your support on here. Things are going well I went and got my Rogam shot yesterday that was fun. I'm hving trouble choosing between the two hospitals that my OB/GYN works at. I'm not sure which hospital i want to deliever my son at in August. I read bad reviews for both hospitals and it makes me nervous. What should I look for? I'm going to plan a tour at both hospitals to see which one is better.



  • I think a tour is a great place to start and should give you some good information. During the tour, ask about the epidurals, do you labor and recover in the same room, etc. If they don't show you a tour of the NICU and the Well Baby Nursery, ask to see them both. After the tour, you should feel a little stronger about one place versus another. Also, ask your doctor where he/she prefers to deliver at. That might tip the scales for you and help you decide between them. 

  • Congratulations!!!