Needing advice..Help!?

  • Im 16 weeks now and im having horrible lower back pains...Ive tried everything baths, heating pad, laying on a flat surface, pillow behind as support. It helps but the pains come back. Anybody have any advice? Also, i was wondering when some ppl started showing. I know im excited and all but i just wanna know when i will start not being able to see my toes lol...

  • When i was pregnant on that week i used to have lower back pain too, but it was not so bad. In a number from 1 trough 10 it was a 4. The only horrible pain in my lower back i remember was in my kidney, i dont whant to scare you. Tell your doctor to see if it is normal. Tell us how are you doing later.

  • Well I started showing around 16 weeks but didn't start to get big until I hit 20 weeks. I'm guessing that is fairly average because I'd be at work and some of my regular customers would look at me and ask if I just hit 20 weeks when I was 21 weeks so i'm guessing you'll grow really fast over night at some point... at least I seemed to. I stopped being able to see my feet at about 25 weeks and late pregnancy pains really set in at about 30 weeks. As far as back pain is concerned that seems fairly normal. I didn't have much back pain when I was at your stage, but that could vary widely on the mothers frame and position of the baby. If this is your first baby then you very well could be starting to feeling the baby kick since you're 16 weeks; that is the average time first time moms notice kicking. If the baby is facing your back then you'll be getting kicked and punched in the back and due to the amount of muscles you have supporting your back you usually won't feel individual kicks just back pain. Other ailments could be that the baby is just putting pressure on your back or a nerve causing back pain. Or maybe you lifted something too heavy or your back muscles could be starting to relax to help you feel more comfortable as your belly gets larger... Really there could be any number of things that could be causing that pain. I say that you're best off calling your doctor and having it checked out. Chances are you're being kicked in the back... I'm sure it's nothing bad but better safe than sorry.

  • I agree with briny.  couldn't see feet around 25-27 weeks.  also depends on how much your starting weight was.  i was a size 12 starting so my belly didn't really look like I was pregnant til 16-17 weeks, ya know?  i had lower back pain and i know that sitting with your legs out in front of you outs more pressure on your lower back.  try using a pillow for your lower lumbar support and sitting with your feet flat on ground.  also, i practiced prenatal yoga and the cat/cow pose was magical!!  oh, and go buy the lower back/belly support band from babies r us- that really helped take the pressure off!!!  it's usually in the section by the breastfeeding and bottles.  i wore that when i worked bc i knew i would be standing a lot!  hope that helps:)

  • Back pain is no fun - you got some good suggestions and I'd recommend the prenatal yoga. Sometimes when you are able to strengthen your core back muscles, they can handle the stress of pregnancy better. Make sure your doctor knows about the severity of your pain so they can help you as able. Hang in there!