39 weeks and miserable =./

  • I turned 39 weeks today and I am feeling very miserable and sad all the time; I feel very alone and feel like I have no one to talk to. I went to the doctor today and I am only 3 cm. along; besides going to my doctors appointment alone every week, im at home doing the same routine everyday. I wake up fix two waffles, two sausage, and two bacon, 1 prenatal pill, and a glass of milk. Then I take a long bath with a cup of ice water and listen to music; then I do my hair, get dressed, usually in one of the many floor summer dresses iv purchased earlier on in my pregnancy. I put on make up and usually watch TV for the day; I get up drive to the store to get little things I may need here and there but that's my day. I just wonder if I'm the only person feeling this way, I also feel like I am holding up my families lives because they feel like they cant go and leave the house because they dont believe I should be home alone. If they do leave they never stray far and are never gone for long, I feel like I'm coming in between the things that they need to do because I need someone to be here to drive me to the hospital. I just wish that she would come so we could meet each other and make each others lives the happiest while the world is still here.

  • I know what you're going though.. I lived with my mom during my entire pregnancy and for a couple weeks after my daughter was born. I also worked like a maniac during my entire pregnancy because i just simply don't know how to slow down. My day consisted of getting up and grabbing breakfast for the ride to work, educating people on photography and photo processing, coming home, making dinner, walking the dogs while dinner was on the stove, eating dinner, watching a bit of tv with my fiance, making lunch for the next day, then a shower and off to bed to start it all over again... Once i passed 37 weeks my mom didn't even want me to drive myself to work because she was afraid i would go into labor while driving (only 15 minutes down the road by the way). Eventually my boss kicked me out of the store because he was afraid he'd have to call the fire department to deliver my baby. While i was home I was going crazy because i suddenly had nothing to do and no one to talk to... so i hung out at work hahaha. My daughter was born 1 week after i left work and now i'm constantly busy, even at night. I still take care of everyone else, and still have no one to talk to until my fiance comes home from work.... That's where this site comes in handy. Everyone here is super supportive and understanding and it helps me feel less alone being able to read about and talk to other moms in my same position.... It does get better though, you just have to look for other people who you can relate to.. like a support group for example. Just give it time and if you're finding yourself feeling alone you can always come here.... I know i'll probably be here too.

  • Oh my God crystal, now Im worried for you, Congratulations... you are 39 weeks, you are almost done. Im sure your baby will come soon and will make your life easier and happier as you said. Dont be sad about the bad things of the life, remember that someone will always be there for you. We Strong moms are here for you too, you can share anything you want with us too, if you want, we are your friends and maybe you family too. You can find support on us, and remember, there is someone that need all the good mood in your heart, yor little baby, she already loves you so much.

    Sing, smile, laugh and love... do it for her.

  • These last few weeks of pregnancy seem to drag on SO LONG. The waiting is almost unbearable!! You are not alone and are quite normal, in fact. I know it seems far away but in literally 2 weeks time you will be busy in a whole new way with your little one. What a blessing she will be! Your family, while it seems they are hovering, probably are just trying to show their concern and love by being there for you in case you go into labor. Don't worry about their schedule right now - just focus on making it through these last few weeks. 

    Is there anything you haven't done to get ready for baby girl? Perhaps you could find a mommy-baby support group and join them for after you have your little one. Perhaps you could write her some final letters telling her how much you love her and can't wait to see her. Put those in a special box for her where you can put keepsakes as she grows up. Got  her room all set up? Hospital bag packed? Try taking some nice long walks to get your body into the swing of things for labor. Good luck and I'll be thinking of you!!

  • Yeah I read others stories and see that some of the people on here are in the same predicament as me and I don't feel like a needle in a hay stack anymore. I'm just so ready for her to come so I can start looking for work again so she can have everything that I want for her. I know what you mean about your mom not wanting you to drive, my big brother left me his car when he went away, its a old school caprice and it sits up really high on rims so my mom is paranoid about me driving it and being a girl. Its hard for me to get in and out of it now anyways because it sits so high =( I know things will get better for me, I just wonder how long do I have to be in one situation till something good comes out of it.

  • =) Thank You, I talk to her all the time, I love to read so when I read a book I usually read out loud now and I play relaxing music CD's I bought from Target. I feel a sense of calmness when I talk to her and she moves around like shes listening, I have been having contractions all day so maybe tonight will be the night she comes.

  • Yeah I have probably took my hospital bag in and out of the car about 4 or 5 times in the last 2 weeks to change the outfits that I put in and the outfit I want her to come home in. I have went over my hospital check list dozens of times so that's down, her nursery is perfect its just waiting for her to see it. I'm nervous about going into labor, but at the same time I'm so ready to start the process so it can be over with.

  • I know it sounds absolutely crazy but labor and delivery for me was a breez... I did have an epidural, however I am confident that i could have hung in there to the end if i really wanted to. I had a harder time with recovery than i did with labor an delivery... the nurses at my hospital made ice packs out of baby diapers (INGENIOUS life savers those things were) i don't know if that's standard or not... Anyway i must have gone through 2 dozen of those things... and a topical spray that has a numbing effect helped take the edge off as well. Either way it took a full day before i could get out of the hospital bed on my own, then another two days before i could move around the house little bits... I'd say it was a solid week and a half before i felt better, but a few weeks before i could move and sit with ease. So in your time before delivery it might be a wise idea to plan on how you're going to make your recovery easier. I think that you're entirely normal in wanting the baby to be born, it felt like an eternity at the end of my pregnancy. Just try to relax and enjoy the ride because very shortly you will no longer have "you" time.

  • Brinny - 

    It's not really standard practice but I LOVED the frozen diapers when I was recovering. Aren't they the best??? It's totally how I made it through. Aah - relief! :-) 

  • Crystalpelt-

    I am sorry that you are having a rough time.  I am so glad to see that you have gotten so many responses and support to your post. It sounds like others can relate to what you are going through.  I have certainly been home for a weeks while recovering from being sick before, and although different from your situation, being alone and sick of the same routine-that is just the same.  I tried to make it my goal to leave the house two times per day.  Even if it was just a run to the store and back.  That helped some.  Having something little to look forward to everyday also helped me a lot.  This could even just be getting the Sunday paper!  I hope that you will continue to come here for support.  We are all more than happy to help get rid of some of that feeling of isolation and offer you a cyber hug to boot.

    Please take care and know that we care,


  • Oh, reading your posts made me remember how long and lonely those last few weeks feel. You are tired, big, hot, and ready to meet your new bundle of joy. Good news is that it is almost over! If you are 3cm then you are doing great and you could have your baby any day now really! Just try your best to get through the days until labor starts. Good luck and let us know when your baby arrives!

  • Any progress?? Hoping maybe you've had your little one by now! :-)

  • Yes shes here! Shes so beautiful! She was born early on May 24,2012 at 12:02 in the morning =) I had her all natural, she came so fast, I got to the hospital at 11:45 so I didnt really have time for anything. Now that I have her home I feel so much better I read to her, and talk to her. Although she was born early, she is healthy and very alter. She was 6 pounds and 4 ounces I named her "Crystal Aubree Peters" after me, and I gave her, her fathers last name =)

  • YAY congrats! was going natural your plan? I'm glad everything went ok... Isn't holding your baby for the first time AMAZING! I was gypped on having and seeing my little girl on my belly after i delivered. she had meconium in her water and started screaming on the way out so they rushed her to the cleaning station to give her a good suctioning before i could see her.... So happy for you! enjoy every second, even the screaming ones because before you know it she is going to be 3 months old and trying to roll over and you're not going to know where the time went.

  • Going Natural was my plan because I am absolutely terrified of needles and when I found out that an epidural was when they put the needle in your spine! was very scared and hoped I didnt have to do that. When she came out my mom cut the cord and they wrapped her up and gave her to me, I go so emotional its the best feeling I have had; I just couldnt believe it I was in shock lol. It really is a Joy =) <3