39 weeks and miserable =./

  • honestly i panted for the longest time... i remember saying i can breath so clearly! lol


  • Yay! Congrats!! So happy for you-sounds like labor was not a long drawn out affair for you...gotta love that. :-) I love her name and so glad your little girl is home with you finally. Enjoy your sweet baby!!

  • That's such great news! Congratulations!


  • Your not the only one feeling that way. If you feel like your stuck in a rut try something different even if its watching a new tv show or styling your hair in a different way. Don't feel like your holding others up they are there for support and should be so close to you esp since your 39 weeks. 

  • congrats on having ur little girl!! Currently im 31 weeks and i am feeling the same way before you had her im jus scared and feeling very alone and you just gave me hope on having my daughter all natural because that is my plan also because i am afraid of needles but at the same time im afraid of the pain that may come with having her natural lol but again congrats on your daughter!! I hope things have been getting better for you

  • 1mommy2012 First i want you to know that i support your plan to go natural. i think it's wonderful when a woman has the courage to go through child birth without any meds, but it sounds as if you're kind of leaning towards a natural birth because you're afraid of the needles. I would like to put your fears at ease by telling you about my experience. When i got my epidural the anesthesiologist didn't even show me the needle. my head was buried into the nurse the whole time. The only thing i felt was a pinch that was only a blip on the scale of my contraction pain and a slight tingling as the catheter was being positioned. most of the needle stuff is in your head so if you can get past the "oh my god it's a needle" thought then you'll be much better off.... And secondly you'll most likely be put on an IV when your water breaks since amniotic fluid continually replaces its self. Otherwise you'll be dehydrated. Honestly my IV bothered me more than the epidural, and needles don't bother me one bit... Good thing too. I was poked so many times between blood work, glucose testing, and rhogam shots.