Denied Tubes being tied after Labor...

  • I am 20 Years old, I am 39 weeks today and I have been thinking, through this whole thing; I decided that I don't want to have another child till I am fully financially stable, & out on my own. I ran the idea of getting my tubes tied after my daughter comes; but my doctor refused to do the procedure. I was offended because I felt like this is my body, I should be able to say what I would like done to ensure that I don't have any other children. Is it normal for doctors to turn down procedures even when you should be allowed to do what you want especially when there is no risk involved. Has anyone else had this problem or know what I could do about this.

  • Yes this is normal... Is this your first baby? The reason I ask is the average family size in the US is 2.5 kids (i know .5 kids sounds funny but it's a statistic). Most women when they're pregnant will say that they're done or done for a while and when that baby comes and a few months pass and the agony of pregnancy and childbirth pass and you find yourself thinking about having another one. Having a tubal is a permanent procedure and can not be reversed. Considering your age you have a lot of childbearing years ahead of you and doctors generally won't do a permanent procedure on someone who down the road may want another child. If there were some medically necessary reason to do it then maybe, but just on the grounds of not being financially stable at 20 isn't a good enough reason for that sort of procedure. I'm 27 and just now getting on my feet, it's a rough world out there.... maybe instead of a tubal you could choose a long term birth control. I have Mirena and the success rate of it is great from what my doctor has told me. less than a 1% chance of pregnancy if it's inserted properly and the once grace period has passed... which is only a couple of weeks. Mine was a one time expense, did not hurt to have put in, lasts for up to 5 years, and I can have it removed whenever i decide to become pregnant again. There is another IUD that lasts up to 10 years and works the same as mirena only it doesn't use progesterone, it uses copper instead. There are many birth controls on the market so maybe you could explore some of those options instead. I'm sorry i have to agree with your doctor though.. you may be too young to understand or care about the consequences of getting a tubal.. I hope this doesn't make you angry, but you really do have a long life ahead of you and you don't know if in the next few years your situation will change for the better and you may want another baby at that point. 

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    Sorry you are dealing with some frustration over this issue. Many physicians have reservations about performing a procedure like that on people who are still young in their childbearing years. Sometimes reversing the procedure is not as easy as it seems like it would be. Did you ask your doctor why he turned you down? Perhaps it would be good to get a full explanation from him as to what his rationale was and the medical reasons behind it. It's always a positive thing to be in good communication with your health care providers. If you are feeling uncomfortable talking to him, maybe you could set up an appointment with a public health nurse to discuss your options for contraception. Hope this helps a little. :-) 

  •  I just had my second baby, a baby girl, im so happy. When I was in the hospital my doctor ask me if I wanted to do that procedure on me after delivery, but my answer was NO. Having a child is a blessing, a gift that God send to you, it doesn't matter if you are having tons of problems, a baby always is a wonderful experince. I plan to have another baby, maybe 6 or 7 years later. if you want we can talk about contraceptives, one that can fit your life style, so yo don't have to get your tubes tied. I have heard women who repent of doing that, because sometimes, once you do, NO return.

    I will wait for your answer.

  • crystalpelt-

    You sound frustrated in your post, and that is understandable!  If you do not feel that your doctor is the right fit for you it is your right to get a 2nd opinion.  You can do this for any reason for any condition.  Another thing you might want to do is take a look under the moms/dads board on our website as there is a post titled "contraception" that discuses several different kinds of birth control.  I think that becoming educated on what all of your options are is one of the best things that you can do.  Let us know how things are going,


  • Yes he said mostly because of my age, I'm barely going to be 21 in October of this year so he feels that I would like another child later in life, so he told me to research other birth control options and we will talk about them on Thursday, which is my next doctors appointment.

  • I feel that I would want another kid later on in life, but I can always adopt if the procedure is no way reversible; but my mother had her tubes tied after she had my brother, and ended up getting pregnant with me and my sister. I still have about another week or so to think about this; I could end up just getting back on the pill till I am very certain about getting my tubes tied. I am however going to research other options with low risks, because the side effects of the birth control really has me nervous about giving them a try.

  • OK, I plan on doing that now, thank you and yeah I was pretty frustrated when I wrote this quote because I felt like I should be able to say what I could do with my body; this experience is just not the "happy experience" that I know it should have been for me. However I still look towards the bright sides of things because I wouldn't want me being mad and overwhelmed all the time to take its toll on her, but sometimes it does get the best of me.

  • It really seems like this issue makes sense from both sides. Obviously, a doctor shouldn't be able to tell you what to do... if you want the procedure done, as an adult, you should be able to make your own decisions. Did you discuss it with the Doc prior to the day you delivered? From the Doc's perspective, I can also see the logic of not doing that particular procedure on a patient who has so possible child bearing years still available. Sorry you are frustrated!

  • Getting your tubes tied is a procedure that should not be entered into lightly and most doctors will not perform it on someone so young. The things you are thinking now are probably not how you will feel in 5 years, 10 years or even 15. With that in mind, I certainly understand your frustration but you have so much more control over getting pregnant than you think. Now a days, there are so many great choices out there that can help prevent pregnancies...there are implants, shots, pills, etc.. Make sure you go over all of your options with your doctor before choosing the birth control method that will fit your lifestyle in the upcoming years. My friend chose to get an implant because she didn't want to have to think about birth control every day. An option like that may give you the freedom you were looking for when you thought about getting your tubes tied. Good luck and let us know how you do!

  • Depending where you live most doctors cant and won't until your either 25, married and your husband and you sign off or have at least 2 children. If you tie your tubes yes you can't have children but if you decide later on to untie its VERY expensive and hardly any insurances cover it. Meanwhile try Implannon Iud good for 3 years goes in your arm after 3 years you can switch to your other arm. Mirena goes down there good for 5 yrs and I believe there is a 10 yr one as well talk to your doc about a bc that you dont have to worry about like the Iud theres no remembering every day to do something or buying of condoms...

  • I didnt know that I would have to have me and my significant other sign a paper, thank you for the insight; I however have did research on my options. I think that I will just get on the pill again, or the patch those are my last two options after narrowing everything down, I would like to thank everyone on their help.