34 weeks pregnant... anyone extremly impatient for the baby to be born?? :)

  • Im 34 weeks pregnant today and am so excited! I look back and all I can see is how fast this pregnancy went by. This is my first child and I cant wait to hold her in my arms. Its not going by too slow though Im keeping busy planning and what not. I am done working on my 37th week so am trying to find things I can do to stay busy before she comes. Any advice for a almost first time mommy?? anyone as impatient as I am ?? Im also new to Strong Moms and would like a chance to get to some of you and your pregnancies.. how far along you are? any cravings? any problems? are you scared about anything? how many children you have? any other information too! thanks!! the journey is almost over of pregnancy then the journey of raising my little girl starts cant wait !! Big Smile

  • Hey Cassandra,

    Mine is already here. It goes by so fast but I was soooo ready to have my body back by the time she came! One tip for ya... orange juice helps increase the absorption rate of the prenatal vitamins. I drank a ridiculous amount through most of my pregnancy anyhow and found that out later lol.

    The main thing that caused stress for me was everyone in the hospital harping about how I had to get her on a schedule and absolutely had to feed her no sooner than every three hours. Only one nurse (my hero!!) told me that she fed hers on demand and they were sleeping through the night by 3 months. I went with her strategy and by 2 1/2 months my baby was sleeping through the night. Take in all of the info and then try what makes sense to you. You won't think so at the time but truly you will know better than anyone what works for your baby.

    Best of luck to you! They say you don't truly understand the strength of a mother's love until you have one and boy they weren't joking!!

  • I was never very anxious about my babies arriving. I think it is because I LOVE being pregnant. I would be a surrogate if I could. Big Smile I did really look forward to meeting them. It is the most exciting thing in the world to finally meet that little person who has been kicking up a storm in your belly.

  • I am just at 23 weeks right now. SoI am enjoying the joys of being pregnanct. I recently began to feel the baby kicking so I am very excited. I am looking forward to meeting my baby boy. It is my first pregnancy. My cravings have not been bad, just pretty much whatever I see on tv, lol. But I have been handling them pretty well by trying to block them out and eating a healthy snack instead. However one of my weaknesses is seafood such as fish sandwiches and crab legs. I know I cant have too much of them, but they are so delicious now. I never really craved them before the pregnancy.

    The only fear that I have is the delivery. You just never know what to expect. I have read all kinds of stories regarding the delivery some are easier than others therefore you never know what to expect.

    Congratulations on your baby girl!!!Big Smile

  • OMG! Long before I hit 34 weeks I was so ready to get my body back. While you're really uncomfortable, try not to rush through it. These are the least hectic days you'll have for a long time. Enjoy!

  • Hi, my name is Jennifer and I'm 37 weeks.  I have a c-section scheduled for June 18.  This will be my second child, I have a 4 year old girl and this one is a boy.

    During my first pregnancy I kinda just went with the flow and didn't wind up getting too anxious.  I think it helped that I was only 20 years old and didn't wind up being too uncomfortable either.  This time around I am so ready to meet my baby.  I work in an automotive factory, so my job is demanding and when you add in the summertime heat and humidity I'm very uncomfortable.  I'm trying to get off work starting the 15th(3 days before surgery) but my leave is still pending so we'll see.

    If you need any advice on anything specific I'd love to try to help you!  I'm not an expert by any means, but I have been through quite a bit between both of these pregnancies so I may be able to help.  Good luck to you!

  • Hello Cassondra,

    I'm at 35 weeks, we are pretty close in delivery time. This is my 2nd child, my first one was born not even a year ago. My due date is July 9 for this one, and I had my first one on July 10! My first child was due on July 8, but she decided she wasn't quite ready to come yet, so I was induced a couple days later. I liked knowing when she was coming, my husband works nights so I was by myself at night time. I am hoping that I can do the same with this one, we just moved about a week ago to Kentucky from Louisiana for his work, and I know NO ONE up here, so I don't want to go into labor and no one be around. I'm not sure if my body was ready for back to back pregnancies. I have a lot more back pain and other things this time around. I have enjoyed being pregnant both times, but I am ready to not be pregnant! lol It will be nice to be able to feel normal again and not struggle to paint my toes and be able to play with my daughter more. Shes getting so big so it's harder to hold for long. My nurse also told me to let the baby tell you when shes hungry, and ever since she turned about 2 months she has slept through the night. I praaaaaay every day this next one turns out the same. It has definately been very helpful with this pregnancy of not having to get up in the middle of the night. If you have any questions about anything, let me know I can try and help you as much as possible!


  • Don't rush it! I had to have my 1st baby at 34 weeks and I was so worried! He was perfect and in perfect health! But I wish I could have carried him those last 6 weeks! I really hope things go better with #2 in the oven now! LOL

    But I loved being pregnant too! He was all mine! Now he is almost four and is so excited about having a new baby brother or sister!

  • Hi Im jackie & I am 37 almost 38 weeks!!! I feel like I have been pregnant for a year.lol. This is my first child as well & I am a single mother living by myself. I am super impatient & ready to meet my daughter. I am still working & def ready to go on leave Big Smile I have gestational diabetes & am a sugar freak so it is hard to be on the strick diet the dr wants me to be on!! I have two doc appts a week & am hooked up to a non-stress test to see how her movement & heart are doing. I went in for a growth ultrasound last week & found out my daughter has a cardiac arrythmia & extra fluid around her heart!! Was not a very fun day! I do not understand why they will not induce me or schedule a c-section it seems the longer she is in their the more problems we are finding!! I hope & pray she will be ok. I have never felt so many emotions at once!! I am scared,excited,nervous,anxious I mean EVERYTHING Big Smile Does anyone else have gestational diabetes or have any tips or comments?? Please let me know I would love to hear!!