Vivid and Wierd Dreams?

  • This is my 3rd pregnancy and the first one where i have ever had dreams is this normal, to go thru 2 others without dreams and the third with dreams? Also i find they are kinda wierd very vivid and i am concious of my pregnancy and my vows of following gods words. I have dreamed about saving the planet from aliens i have never seen in movies while being pregnant also the movie spicies aliens and also zombies. for me this is strange. Also in some of those dreams i am separated from my hubby and have to go "the distance" to find him yet am happy and fullfilled when i do. Is there alternative meanings behind the dreams or is it just wierd dreams because i am pregnant and also about 8 months ago we lost our first daughter together due to hypoplastic left heart syndrome she lived 28 days and fought harder than the doctors have ever seen would this have anything to do with the dreams?

  • Congrats on your pregnancy. :-) I didn't have vivid dreams with my first but I'm having plenty of them this time around! I don't think they have a tremendous amount of meaning but maybe I've just never thought them through. Many women I know have crazy dreams while pregnant, so it sounds like you are quite normal in this regard!

  • Thanx so much was a little concerned but not so much now.

  • Glad Julie was able to offer you some reassurance.  Hang in there!


  • I have vivid dreams sometimes when I am pregnant and they usually involve having to save my kids or protect the ones I love. I once dreamed I was kidnapped by pirates and forced to walk the plank! Don't worry---pregnancy dreams are bizarre but they don't last too long!


  • Kool ty

  • Hello! This is my first pregnancy and I'm about 15 weeks along. I am having weird and vivid dreams every single night! Usually several different ones that I mostly remember when I wake up. I think this is normal for me because I always had dreams before I was pregnant too, but I read somewhere that dreams are common when your pregnant. I don't think you should worry about it too much. I think some of my dreams are pretty interesting but other than that I dont worry. Sometimes the food you eat before bed can have something to do with it too.