• Hi Everyone! I just wanted to update everyone seeing as the last post i made was a low point for me. Last week was a big week for me and my bf. First i turned 20 and for a birthday gift from the hospital i got to see and hear my baby. We also found out what we are having after drinking three big cups of water..and they have informed us that we are having a baby boy. Who we are naming Greyson Edward <3 I never thought i would see my boyfriend cry cuz he is one of those men who dont believe in crying but i saw some tears trickle down his cheeks at the hospital. :-) Any ways the baby is very healthy his lil heart beat is 160. Which is what it always is when i go to the doctor. lol He moves around alot and doesnt let me sleep. The only thing im really struggling with right now is the lower back pain. I hate it so much. My heating pad is like my new best friend but sometimes its just not enough. Other than that even though im not close to birth yet my bf and i still cant decide rather breastfeeding or bottle feeding is right for us. Anyone got any advice or tips on deciding? 

  • CONGRATS! Little boys are wonderful.. Wasn't it the most exciting thing searching the ultrasound to find what you're having... The gender one is the best, right next to the first one where you can hear and see your baby for the first time. I'm really happy that your boyfriend seems to be coming around and doing better. Continue to be encouraging with him though, Now and well after the birth of your son he's probably going to continue to go through a roller-coaster  of emotions even though he may not let you see it. As far as your back is concerned have you tried to get lower belly support? it's a band that helps hold up your belly so your back doesn't suffer so much. Also get good supporting bra, the weight of your breasts are only going to increase as you near birth. Which brings me to another subject Breastfeeding! It is 100% your decision so don't let anyone tell you what to do. I will however help you by starting out with will breastfeeding fit your lifestyle? By that i mean are you going to be working a full time job or going to school or both? It will be much more difficult to breastfeed if you are going to be gone a lot. However you baby can still benefit from your milk by pumping. If you choose to pump an electric one is a lifesaver. Breastfeeding is the best thing for your baby nutritionally because it gives them everything they need and more. Breast-milk contains tons of antioxidants that will help build your babys immune system. I did not find breastfeeding painful or odd, however pumping felt a little odd. Breastfeeding is less expensive than formula and all the accessories that go along with bottle feeding... Not on to bottle feeding I did tons of research on formula and i decided to go with Similac because nutritionally i found it to be more like breast-milk than the other formulas. I won't lie it is more expensive, but Similac is very good about sending coupons to help it be more affordable. Since being on Similac my baby hasn't had any issues with constipation, and is still growing fabulously. If you decide to bottle feed may i suggest you do some research or find a pediatrition for your baby and have him/her go over the different formulas with you and explain what's in them and how they will benefit your baby. From there it's process of elimination as to what you will feel best about feeding your baby. Keep in mind that you may have to change formulas if your baby doesn't do well on it so stay flexible... Also make sure to get a few bottles and a can of formula even if you breastfeed. Since you've signed up for strong moms you may have already gotten a sample in the mail and you'll probably get one from the hospital when your baby is born as well. I had 5 sample cans of different formulas by the time my baby was born. Anyway i hope this has been some help to you.. the best i can say is research and use logical process of elimination and eventually you'll come to your answer.

  • Congrats on your little boy! I love his name - what a strong, wonderful little guy he'll be. :-) As for breastfeeding versus bottle feeding, I'd encourage you to give breastfeeding a go. You will be able to financially be in a lot better shape than bottle feeding, provide just the right amount of nutrients and immunity protection for your baby, and it's pretty convenient with no packing up of supplies and bottle warming, etc. That being said - lots of people really like having some support when they are breastfeeding. I'd encourage you to find a breastfeeding class through your hospital and go before you deliver. Joining a mommy group where other moms are breastfeeding can be really helpful and supportive.

    No matter what you decide, however, you are the best thing for your baby and he is going to thrive on your love and care. Happy for you! :-)

  • Congratulations on your baby boy! Little boys are so much fun to have around and you'll love it. I also love the name you have chosen! As far as breast vs bottle--talk to your doctor and get some information about breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Then when you are in the hospital, make sure you get help from the lactation nurses that are there. Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience, but it is not for everyone, so be sure to have a back up plan in case it doesn't work for you! Good luck!