baby's gender

  • I found out last Friday that i'm having a little girlSmile I'm so excited and so is my boyfriend! Her name is Paisley Grace. It was a shock at first bc all along we thought we were having a boy and the sonogram tech had to tell me multiple times before I believed her lol, but i'm so excited and can't wait till she gets here!

  • Congrats! I love the originality of your name choice. I thought for sure my little girl was going to be a boy also, but definitely not a boy! I wouldn't change it for anything... not even to secure a place in heaven... Girls are so precious.

  • Aww - such a sweet name! I love it! Quite original but really feminine and cute too. :-) Isn't it always a shock when your find out your intuition was wrong? Mine has been wrong twice now! If we have another child, I'll just not even try to guess! :-) Congratulations to you!

  • thank ya'll! I'm really excited and it's new to everyone on my boyfriends side due to boy's running in his family so they're really excited and she's spoiled already!(:

  • Aww - people will be thrilled to buy her something pink and ruffly! My family has all boys and people are dying to get the chance to buy little girl things. :-) There are such cute clothes and accessories for little girls!

  • Congratulations on your little girl! It sounds like she is already so loved! I like your name as well..very unique and sweet. Good luck-when are you due?

  • Thank you! Yes she is already loved so much, I just can't wait till she's here do I can hold her in my arms! I am due on November 11th(:

  • As the Dad of three girls, I love spoiling them and cuddling with them... I am a little worried about the teen years however! Congrats!

  • We LOVE out daughter... When we first found out that we were having a girl my fiance said that he is scared of when he mistakenly pulls Hazels swimsuit out of the dryer and thinks "hmmm... Brin would look good in that".... And that he is going to take prospective boyfriends hunting to get a handle on their character lol... Really he just wants to scare the poor kid.