• Im having twins and im having a really hard time gaining the weight that I need to.  Ive been eating right and exercising and trying to keep me and the babies health too.  Im eleven weeks and barley showing when my sister in law was eleven weeks and showing more then me and she didn't have twins like im having.  Is that okay.  What should I do.  Im really worried for the sake of my children.

  • As long as your doctor says that the babies are growing normally then don't worry. Depending on the positions of your babies you'll show more or less. If you have a long or wide torso then they could have more room causing your belly not to pop out quite yet... 11 weeks is really early in the game and son't worry if you don't show for a while. I'm fairly petite and i didn't start to show until i hit 16 weeks... and no one was able to notice until i hit 20. Like i said if you're worried just ask your doctor to check it out.

  • Pettibones-

    Welcome to the boards and congrats on your pregnancy-that is really exciting!  I agree with Brinny that if you are concerned get in to see your doctor and get checked.  We want to hear that you and both babies are healthy (and happy!).  I hope you will keep us posted.