31 weeks & tired..

  • Hi, I'm Cassie. I'm 19 & currently working. I usually work 9 hours a day. Lately it's been really stressful. My feet feel swollen after 4-5 hours. Is that normal?

  • Yes this is pretty normal for pregnant women in their third trimester to experience swelling when on their feet a lot. You should notify your doctor so you will know if it's ok for you to continue working these hours. In the meantime you should sit with your feet up while on breaks, I'm not sure what sort of job you have but if you can sit in a chair during part of your shift it would probably help. I worked retail and when i was getting achy i'd sit at the register and ring people out, some people wouldn't notice my enormous belly and make comments that it was bad customer service to sit and ring people out. so i'd stand up and they'd apologize. either way you need to do what is in the best interest of you and your baby so mention it to your doctor. Don't be afraid to call the office to ask questions either... that's what they are there for.

  • CassiieBear,

    I think it's really important to listen to your body.  Being at 31 weeks and working that many hours can be very hard!  Check in with your doctor if you have any concerns.  This is a time to really be taking care of yourself and so controlling the things that you can is important-eating a balanced diet, trying to control stress, resting when you can, ect. 

    Take care and don't push too hard!