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    My name is jessica and this is my first pregnacy. i had a misscarrige on March 18th and it was the hardest thing to go through but lucky i had a husband who was very loving and supportive of not given up on trying again. Then on April 27th i started to have the same symptoms/signs likenausea,goose bumps,bloating,rising temperature, tenderness of breast, and the big one my MISSED PERIOD, So like any other women i went to the doctors with my brother-in-laws wife, and after about 5 mintues the test came up POSTIVED. Later on i went to go get my husband form work, and the whole ride to get him i was thinking "how you going to tell him ur pregant again?" but by the time i figure out what i was going to say he was already in the car next to me, but want i didnt figure out was how i was going to bring it about in conversation? So here we are both in the car, and the first thing he asked "was baby what did you do to day?" And of course i said " well huoney i went to an appointment." he said "and how did that go?" And i got so excited i just said it "BABY IM PREGNANT" He didnt believe me at first and then he seen the information bag they gave me to take home in the back seat. He didnt say nothing at fist and then he looked at me and said "WOW IM GOING TO BE A DADDY!!!!" I was so glad to hear those words come out of his mouth,that my mouth droped opened. So hear i am about 14 weeks pregnant and i feel great, and it my just be im still excited from not having another misscarrige. But some how i know its going to work out yes i know theres going to be endless nights of feeding and crying some times but for some reason i still want to be a mom more than anything in my mind. im sure that me and my husband will be good if not great parents. Im so ready to find out what our preish  little gift is.

  • I'm so sorry you had to go through the miscarriage back in the spring, but it probably makes it that more special now. Good luck moving forward and it sounds like you have a great partner to go through this experience. Congratulations to both of you and best of luck!

  • Hi Jessica! Welcome to StrongMoms - I love your story that you shared! Miscarriages are always heartbreaking and difficult to deal with. I'm so glad that you have blessed with this new little life inside of you! Do you have any names you particularly like? So wonderful you have an excited and supportive husband. That makes all the difference! Motherhood is a wild, wonderful, crazy ride - I wouldn't trade it for a thing! Congrats!

  • Jessica-

    I so appreciated that you shared this story of heartache and now renewed hope!  There have been other mom's that have shared their stories of miscarriage and I hope that this story will give other hope!  Take care!


  • Thank you so much for sharing your story with us here at Strong Moms! How is your pregnancy going? Are you managing to stay cool this summer in spite of all these heat waves?

  • Bless ! the baby come back finally ! so great .