5wks Pregnant

  • I'm so glad that I'm not throwing up at all.  I only feel nauseous when I eat too much, walk in the heat in the parking lot to get to my car.  Baby and I are doing great!!!  When I was pregnant with my son who is now 5yrs old.  My pregnancy was just look this one.  Thank God!!!  Smile

  • Congrats! I hope your pregnancy continues to be easy and healthy! You must be so excited. Are you hoping for another little boy or would you love to have a girl? I'm pregnant with our 2nd boy...so thrilled for our little boy to have a brother. :-) Looking forward to getting to know you!

  • Congrats! I'm glad you're feeling so well. I was the same i had no real pregnancy symptoms until i hit 9 weeks then i was so nauseous i couldn't even go near the kitchen. I could smell the trash from the other side of the kitchen (it was in another room through a closed door and taken out daily!... Yeah I could smell EVERYTHING!) I could also smell frozen food and everything in the refrigerator at once. Pretty disgusting! anyway the smell thing didn't go away until a few weeks after my little girl was born. the nausea subsided around 15 weeks. I hope all continues to go smoothly on your journey.

  • Julie.. you're due this month aren't you? 

  • It is a blessing not to be throwing up! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. When are you due?

  • I'm due in August! August 30th...so the end of the month really. I feel like time is slowing down a bit as I get closer to the day. :-p Oh well, I haven't really done too much to prepare for this little guy so I can keep myself busy with dragging all the baby stuff out of storage. :-)

  • Thank you!  My son and I are hoping for a girl.  He wants a sister so bad.  So I hope our wish comes true.

  • Oh my!  I just get nauseous from time to time.  But I can deal with that.  Grab sprite or ginger ale and I'm ok.  It's the vomitting I can't deal with.  I'm so glad I don't have that at all.  Thank you! Smile

  • Yes truly a blessing.  My due date is Mar 14, 2013.  I'm sooo excited.  My son will be 6 on Feb 10 and then my bday is Mar 25.  So what a great early bday gift this will be for me.  Thank u!

  • So cute - my son wanted a sister too. I thought that was very sweet. :-) He ended up with a brother but got excited about it after a little while. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! 

  • Congrats! My wife is due with our 4th in mid-February! One of the great aspects of Strongmoms is sharing in the great news with so many moms and dads to be! Good luck everybody!

  • Congrats AnswerDad03!!!! Hoping for a boy this time around?

  • That's wonderful news about everyone's pregnancies! I am due with our fifth here in about 3-4 weeks! I have most everything ready, but I don't know that I'll ever be completely "ready" for a fifth!!! 

  • Wow - fun to hear the news! Congrats, AnswerDad! So excited for everyone.

    MommyRN4 - Im due in 6 weeks and have done nothing! I take a big test I have to take for work this month and then I'm hoping I'll be able to get things pulled out of storage in time for this baby to come! Hope all goes well for you!

  • Hi, I'm due on March 8th and feel nauseous quite often now. I hope it goes away soon. I also feel tired all the time and with the nausea, I just want to go to sleep until it goes away. I'm glad your pregnancy is going well. I will have my fingers crossed for a girl for you.