5wks Pregnant

  • wessy82 Sorry to hear you've been feeling sick. unfortunately it's a common part of pregnancy, but usually subsides with the onset of the second trimester. i started to feel much better around 16 weeks, but still had to watch what i ate pretty closely. Hopefully you won't have to wait much longer before it goes away. good luck.

  • Wessy82 - Sorry you are dealing with all the nausea and fatigue that comes with pregnancy sometimes. I feel your pain! I was rather skeptical about the bracelets that drug stores sell that put pressure points on your wrist and help with nausea but, surprisingly, it did help me! Even if it was just my brain thinking it worked...who cares?? You might give them a try. Hang in there! 

  • I'd be lying Brinny if I said I wasn't hoping for a boy, but I win either way! If I have a fourth girl, she has three built-in best friends and a childhood's worth of clothes!