30 Weeks-New to the site-Possible malformations

  • Hi,

    I am 37 and Pregnant with #5. The first 4 are boys, the 5th is a girl. I am Due Septembr 25th. My first 2 sons were and are perfectly healthy, Relatively Normal pregnancies, pre-eclampsia with the first, nothing with the second, both born at 37 weeks, water broke, no induction. My 3rd son however has multiple birth malformations. At our 20 week ultra sound they THOUGHT they saw something, radiologist came in, spent 30 more minutes, said everything looked fine, sent us on our way. Rest of the pregnancy was normal but my water broke and he was born at 34 weeks. Healthy enough to go home in 48 hours. However, at 8 days, 2 months, 4 months and 6 months, I took him to the Dr and complaind about a list of issues to long to list and was always told I was overzealous and not to worry as he was really 6 weeks younger than I expected him to be. Finally at 6 months a new Dr agreed he was a little behind and started him in Physical therapy, by 10 months he felt there was enough improvement that he was Fine. At the end of his 10th month he had 2 grand mal seizures, taken to the hospital by ambulance where I was told it was just Febrile and he was fine. After 10 hours of me screaming and demanding I see a neurologist, they transfered us to a more specialized major hospital where after further pleading a Neurologist did an MRi and Lo and behold, He was missing 2 parts of his brain, had enlarged venticals, a sub-mucosal cleft palate, deformed ribs, deformed vertebrae, vision problems, cerebral palsey and many more. He had years of therapy and genetics testing where they could find no genetic issues and considered it a fluke. I was told to expect him to pretty much need life long care. Good news is, he is 10, in 3rd grade, plays baseball and is "fine" Quirky yes, awkard yes, a little slow yes but a fully functioning child who can take care of himself!! Then Number 4 came - Beyond perfect, Insanely intelligent, he is 5, reads, writes and handles a laptop better than my husband!! So now I am pregnant with my first little girl and of course because of my 3rd son I get tons of tests and Ultra sounds, I have had 4 Ultra sounds all ready and up until last week she was perfectly normal & healthy. So I have now been told they believe she has Dolichocephaly which has the potential of being at best Major Cranial surgery before 10 months of age and at worst having far more wrong with her than with my 3rd son. I go in tuesday for a level 4 ultra sound and am just so tired. - I am just praying that they are wrong. Just wondering if any of you out there have or are having similar fearfull ultra sounds!! God bless

  • You have an amazing story, which shows what an amazing mom you are, having fought so hard to get your kiddo the diagnostics and help he needed-and what success you are now seeing.  I am so sorry that you are now once again faced with uncertainty of what life will be for your daughter.  What I can offer is that the strength you have had in the past will only resurface and in greater abundance.  I can't imagine what you are feeling, but know that you have found a supportive place to come and you wait in anticipation of the birth of your daughter.


  • Oh my goodness, you have been through the wringer! This sounds incredibly stressful!! I'm hoping this little girl turns out to be healthy and fine - please keep us informed. I haven't had a fearful ultrasound like yourself but I have worked in the NICU and tried to help a lot of parents who were dealing with really overwhelming diagnosis for their children. I hope you have some people around you who are a good support and can give you a shoulder to cry on and hugs when you need it. Hopefully, whatever happens with your little girl, she will end up even better than anyone predicts. I myself have severe hearing loss and my parents were told to not expect much as far as my ability to interact in a normal way with hearing people but technology has come so far. I'm a nurse, mother, wife, and love life. Hang in there!! 

  • First of all, congratulations on your family. Despite all of the worrying, you have been blessed with four wonderful boys. I am the father of three girls and I am happy to say my wife and I recently found out she is expecting our fourth child in February. Like you, we have been mostly very fortunate to have healthy children. My wife will be 35 when this baby is due, so I am a little more concerned about everyone, but especially about my wife. She has had three c-sections and will be having a fourth and each one scares me more and more . All I can say is it sounds like you are a great parent and there is no avoiding the stress ahead of you. But you will manage to get through and hopefully have a precious little girl. Good luck!

  • I am so sorry you are having to go through this once again..but rest assured that you will be able to face whatever life throws at you. I think you are an incredibly strong woman and have shown such resiliency already with your other children. I know you will be a wonderful advocate for your daughter==no matter what she requires. That being said...I will pray for you and your family and please keep us informed as to how your next apt goes. 

  • I am 43 and pregnant with my #5. I have 3 boys and a girl 19,17.14 and my little girl is 2yrs old and now I'm pregnant with a little boy due in October All my kids are healthy praise God! Because of my age the doctors recommend to do a lot of test and ultra-sound to make sure the baby is healthy. So far everything is fine. My darling congratulation on your #5 child and know that God will let you have a healthy bless baby girl! Many blessings.