Questions about second trimester

  • I have recently entered my second trimester, as I am now 13 weeks! Very exciting!! My immediate family know, along with a few friends. I wanted to wait until I was in this trimester before announcing the big news. After my cousin's wedding (I don't want to take away her big day) I will announce the news to the rest of my family and then I will start telling my friends and co-workers.

    I'm confused because in my first trimester I barely had any morning sickness, but now it seems I am nauseous and sick and every morning since the beginning of my second trimester. I thought it was suppose to get better? I guess every pregnancy is different, right?

    I am also wondering when I will be able to find out the sex of my baby. I go on the 29th for my next appointment. So by then I will be about 17 weeks. Will I be able to tell then or will it be too soon?

    Thanks for any input. :)

  • Hi! Congrats on making it to your second trimester! It's always a sigh of relief to get those first 12 weeks over with. :-) Most women do find the majority of their morning sickness happens in the first trimester, but everyone is different. I'm pregnant with my second and my morning sickness started at about 11 weeks and got stronger with the second trimester. Go figure! I hope it fades for you quickly. Also, most doctors do an ultrasound somewhere around the 20 week mark for the sex/development of the baby but you can certainly ask if they can do it a bit early! Congrats again! :-)

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy! It is such an exciting time and I loved being able to share the news with everyone around me! You should only have about 6-7 weeks to go before you are able to find out the sex of your baby and then it is off to do some baby shopping I'm sure! Good luck and let us know how it goes

  • Hi Iris :)

    Congrats on entering the second trimester! It's such a relief, right? I'm entering the 3rd tri today.

    My morning sickness was almost constant until week 22-23. So yes, every pregnancy is different. Finding what triggers it most often helps (for me it was milk). Oh, btw, crackers don't help everyone so just eat what you can keep down.

    We found out the gender at our 15 week scan but were told they wanted to "confirm" at the 19-20 week scan, which showed the 15wk was right. The person's experience and baby's position matter a lot too.

    Best wishes in the rest of your pregnancy. :)

  • I think that you have gotten some great advice from the other people that have posted, but just wanted to offer you my support as well.  I think it's very true that "every body" is different.  I love the advice to listen to you body and eat what works for you.  Work hard to stay hydrated.  I know it can be tough.

    Hang in there, I hope things get better soon.



  • kh1545 -

    Sounds like you finally have some relief from your nausea - that's a relief, isn't it? Hope your 3rd trimester goes quickly and smoothly!

  • Thanks everyone! I can't believe it, but for me it was milk too! So now I'm not drinking any in the morning and feeling much better. So glad I can stand at work now for a while without getting sick. I'm so excited for my appointment. Only 13 more days and I'll (hopefully) be able to tell if I'm having a little girl or boy :D