14 Weeks Preggers With MyThird Child

  • Ever since we found out we were expecting our 3rd baby our 4 yr. old daughter has been having issues with wetting the bed every single night. She has never done this before. Has anyone else experienced anything like  this before? Please advise.



  • My mom said that every time she had a new baby i would have to go back in pull ups. According to her I got over it within a few months, but it was certainly rough on her until then. It's probably just a jealousy issue, but if you have any real concerns maybe talk to her doctor for some suggestions. Maybe talking to her about how much fun it's going to be being a big sister.  Maybe get her excited about helping to prepare for the new arrival. Some one on one time without baby talk may help her realize that she's still important... Sorry i can't be much more help.. I only have one little one as of now.

  • Congrats on your third! I don't have personal experience with this but it does seem as though she is reverting back to earlier behaviors in response to a big change in her life. I bet if you call your pediatrician, they have had experience with this issue and could give you some help. Give the office a call!

  • Before you jump to believe that your daughter is simply regressing with the news of your third child, be sure to take her to the doctor to rule out a UTI or bladder infection. There may be something physical going on. If that is not the case, then look at her night routine to see if she is drinking too much fluid before bedtime. Also, make sure she is going to the bathroom right before bedtime. My 4 year old would tell me that he went but he really didn't! 

  • We have tried the no liquid after 6:00 PM and the potty right before bed but she is still having the accidents every night. I am taking her to see the pediatrician on Monday because this has been happening for over a month now. Thank you soo much for the advise. :)

  • Thank you! We are going in to see the doc on Monday. I hope for some good news. ;0)

  • Great advice from MommyRN4 - I hope your doctor visit goes well and you get some solutions!