Am I getting enough?

  • Hello Moms,


    This is all new to be, my first pregnancy. I am currently 6mths. I was reading the amount of water I should be drinking, which is about 8 10oz glasses a day. YIKES thats alot of water!!!Surprise I'm worried b/c I only drink about 3-4 16.9oz bottled water a day. I'm afraid its not enough. Also, I'm not a fan of red meats, but I've been eating alot of fish and chicken more so chicken these days. Do I have to eat red meat? What to do? Veggies I try to get them in as often as possible. I am a veggie kind of girl but since pregnancy its been a real chore to eat them. Fruit I love and have no problems eating.

    Any feedback or help is welcomed. Thanks so much! Smile



  • Well you can't really get enough water... I used to drink about a full liter a day. sometimes when i had trouble drinking it down i'd add some lemon to it for some flavor. ... Red meats will keep you from being anemic by keeping your iron level high (Iron is essential for brain development so even if you don't like it try to force some down) If you find yourself not being able to eat enough red meat tell your doctor so you can have your iron levels checked. maybe they can recommend a solution for you. Veggies i really liked was broccoli, spinach, green beans, carrots, all good sources of different things as you may already know. Try drizzling a little cheese over your broccoli, put spinach on sandwiches in place of lettuce, green bean casserole ( i have an awesome recipe if you want it), saute carrots with rosemary and thyme leaves... These are just a few ideas to help make your veggies more edible for you. Need any more ideas let me know, I love to cook!

  • Oh wow thanks so much for sharing! I too, love to cook and have been eating string beans, broccoli and cucumbers a lot. Spinach however, has become more of a task to eat but I'm trying to mix it in with other things whenever I can. I LOVE SPINACH!!! I dont know what's happening to my taste buds. Also, I guess I'll have to eat a few more burgers and steak to boost my iron level a bit. My next appt in sept my dr is doing a blood test for GI and also for iron levels. I will keep you posted! Thanks again for the helpful tips!

  • Well if you are finding spinach hard to eat then adding raw spinach to a sandwich might just be your ticket. I love that it adds a peppery crunch to the sandwich (not to mention it's packed full of vitamins) vs the cool watery crunch of lettuce.  Great on burgers, carving board sandwiches, and my newest favorite is a slightly runny yolk egg sandwich on toast topped with bacon or ham, cheddar, raw spinach, mayo, and a bit of mustard... you may also try shepherds pie. if you go to Gordon Ramsays f-word website you should be able to find his shepherds pie recipe. i have yet to find a better one. other good red meat ideas might be roast beef, maybe hide it in lasagna, spaghetti, meatloaf (I also have a wonderful recipe), fajitas, teriyaki beef stir-fry... I'll try to think of a few more options for you that might hide the beef flavor. I've become very good at hiding flavors as my fiance hates the taste of chicken. 

  • ha ha my fiance is a very picky eater too! I'm always trying to sneak things into his food health wise and he picks up on it right away. Guess I need to be more clever. Thanks again for the helpful tips!!!!! I appreciate them all!!!