Stomach pains after baby born

  • Well I have been having stomach pains after I had my baby boy. Went to the ob/gyn doctor for my 6week checkup and I had a little knot. My doctor told me that my body trying to shift itself back in place. However, its been 3months and now its the size of a pint of ice cream. So now it has start to bother me more. I went to my pcp and he told me that I have a hernia. I was like WHAT??? I could not believe this and he has recommemended that I got to a suregon to have it removed.
  • Wow! You must have a big baby boy to have that hernia.

  • I'm so sorry t hear that you are not feeling top notch.  If you feel you need a second opinion then def. seek that out.  Otherwise a surgeon could confirm or deny that diagnosis.  I'm' hoping others will post if they hace been through similar things.

    Let us know how you are doing,


  • I had my baby on August 15, 2012, and is now home and is having stomach pain.  After giving birth I had really bad cramps which turned out to be blood clots....which was far more painful than labor pain.  They went in and took out the clots but I am still having cramps.  My doc. did mentioned that I may possibly have a hernia during my pregnancy, so after reading this post I need to get this checked out.

  • ymples121

    I am so gld that this post hit home for you and that you are going in to get checked out.  Having a history of havin had a blood clot is the biggest risk factor for having a second one. So DO NOT hesitate to go in!

    Also wante to check in 11 and see how you are doing.  Please keep us posted!



  • I'm so glad you went and got a second opinion on your stomach pain! It always pays to listen to your intuition when you continue to have issues. Hernias are certainly not a common occurrence after every baby but they do happen to people. I'm sorry you have to deal with this - no fun! McJane77-hope that you get some answers for your continued cramping! Let us know how you are doing.

  • Okay, so I did make an appointment to see the surgeon. My appointment is this Wednesday 8/29/12. I really can not wait to see him. This pain is so bothersome and makes me moody. So I will see what he sayys and let you guys know. I really thank everyone of you for your concerns, suggestions, and for any other person that Is going through anything similar to this. I will have my fingers crossed.