Any older moms on this site?

  • Hello everyone!  I am a new member and just discovered I am 5 weeks pregnant.  I am a whopping 41 year old spring chicken.  :o)  I am hoping to hear some positive stories because the media, doctors, and tons of other blogs all immediately point out the risks and negative factors of having a baby at an older age.  I am a mother of 3 boys ages 21, 18, and 3.  The age difference usually shocks people.  I guess I didn't have enough chaos in my life!  I hope this last pregnancy of mine is a girl...!!!!!  We have plenty of boys in the family.  

    I wish everyone the best in their pregnancy and just remember to take everything day by day.  

  • Firstly welcome to strong moms and congrats on the new little one. SecondlyThere are several "older" moms on here actually. You will find a good mix of ages when you thumb through all the posts. Hopefully some of the moms in your age group will post for you. 

  • Congrats!  You are still young my friend!  Take a look around on the board as we have had quite a few mom's that are in their 40s post with similar feelings as those you expressed.  I have a friend who had twins at 51, so you have plenty of time to have another baby even! lol.  Keep us posted on how things are going with your pregnancy.



  • Thanks so much Brinny for your answer and also your kind words.  Have a great weekend!  Big Smile

  • Hello Jess,

    Thanks so much for letting me know I am not alone in this journey.  I guess I will have to just start fishing around on the blogs to get to know everyone.  Twins at amazing!  My dear other half (as a joke) swears I am having twins because I am hungry from morning till night.  With all of my other pregnancies I never was like this, so I'm thinking the difference is either a girl or twins...LOL.  I have been feeling well, just sore boulders, tired as all can be, and super hungry.  One thing is for sure, I will hate to see my butterfly tattoo on my lower side of my abdomen spread its wings and get bigger!!  Thanks for the luv, and hopefully we will chat again soon.  Smile