Scared of C-section!

  • Glad to hear you are getting around well Dolfyn! Congrats on the new addition.. what did you have?

  • Thank you. I had a baby boy

  • I have had 2 c-sections and am due for a 3rd on jan. 12,2013. They can be scary but it isnt as bad as everyone lets on. The first was unwxpected and I was so scared that I thought that I was in more pain then I really needed to be. This is how mine went:

    I come to the hospital at like 7:30am for prep, cleaned up and my stomach where they were going to cut was shaved, and paper work done. They then got me gowned and a hairnet and booties on. At that point it was almost 9:00am which was the schedualed section time. They then wheeled me into the surgical room. At that point they gave me my spinal block (numbing med and pain killer) which is the worse part of it. it will take about 15 sec to a min to kick in. The father or couch will be let in then. Only one person (at the most) will be allowed in with you. You will then have the section and then be brought up to recovery then you will be brought back to maturnity.

    It isnt too bad as long as you know what to ecpect so that you are not as scared as I was the first time. The second time it was a breeze and didnt have as much pain.

    If you want to talk just get ahold of me