First Child! Yikes!

  • I'm 12 weeks pregnant with my first child and I do believe I'm going to lose my mind here in a minuet. I have so many people telling me what to do, what not to do, what to eat what not to eat and it's starting to drive me insane! Did this happen to anyone else? Do you guys have any helpful suggestions and not just some "oh when I was pregnant I did..."

  • Well firstly welcome to the site and congrats on your pregnancy... And secondly remember that even though it is annoying to constantly have someone tell you what to do or give you advice on this or that just remember that it's because they care about you and the health of your unborn child. That being said it can be very overwhelming to try wrapping your head around all of the information that is out there and inevitable will be thrown at you. The best advice I can give you for this situation is politely say "Thank you, but my doctor and I have everything handled. If I have any questions i'll make sure to ask." This way it gets your point across without being rude... And as far as the stories of what others did during their pregnancies i'd rather here those than some random advice that may or may not work. The stories are coming from someone who has been in that situation and they contain the solution of what worked for that person. Something that worked for someone else may just work for you too.

  • I feel your pain.. there's so many people that try to be so opinionated towards pregnant women! ugh! i just like to read other women's stories.

  • Hburkett3-

    WELCOME to the site!  So glad that you found us and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.  How old is your baby?  What is your favorite thing about being a mom?  


  • First of all - congrats on your little one on the way! Secondly, I feel your pain. Lots of people really love to offer advice and kind of random stories about when they were pregnant. I'd encourage you to check out the tabs up at the top of this website - they have some good information that is helpful and solid. Of course, all of us have some things that worked better for us than others. What, in particular, are you looking for help with? I'm glad you are able to vent here! :-) 

  • I was dealing with morning sickness for about a week straight and it was horrible. But it seems like that has passed now. Thank god =) I pretty much am just looking for any kind of advice!

  • I am due march 15, 2013. I am 12 weeks on friday ;) i am from iowa!

  • Congrats on your little one! On Strongmoms you will find both expectant parents who get too much support and have little or no support. Despite the annoyance of conflicting advice and people who consider their opinions gospel, I feel it is better to have many voices lending advice as opposed to no help. Keep in mind that you ultimately will do what you feel is best for your pregnancy... so take all that advice with the idea that people want to help, and then do what you feel is best!

  • I'm due the 14th! I'll be 12 weeks on thursday! =) I live in Georgia tho

  • Ah, nice! ShaneeceCK and Hburkett3: you guys are so close in terms of your due dates! How fun - hopefully you can keep each other company through the journey! :-) Congrats to both of you on making it to the end of your first trimester - I always found that some of my energy started to come back and I felt better at this point in my pregnancy. I wish the same for you! :-) 

  • Hi Im new. I feel where you are coming from I have so many people breathing down my neck expecting me to be perfect. I need advice to someone please help us, lol but seriously Im due DEC. 31 all my advice I get are from the books or If i come to a bind I just call up my doctor and see what he has to say about this or that. I need more sensible advice than wht im gettin Im a first time mom. Help neone

  • ShenekaB I'd like to start off by welcoming you to the site and congrats on your impending arrival. I'd also like to say give yourself a break!!! No one is perfect and I can tell you from experience that sometimes the more you try the more difficult thinks will become. You are off to a good start with asking your doctor questions. Many times people rely too much on the things that our parents, friends, books, and the internet tells us and forget that our doctors can also be a good source of information. As AnswerDad has said take advice with a grain of salt. We all as parents can be very particular about how we do things that involve our children and often believe that what has worked for us will automatically work for someone else, which isn't always the case. Is there anything in particular you're looking for advice on? There are many experienced moms and dads here that offer pretty sound advice.


  • ShenekaB - I echo what Brinny said and welcome you to the site. :-) Living up to expectations of other people is pretty much impossible, so just focus on the things that are important to you. What in particular do you have questions about? Can we help you with anything you are worried about? Write back and I'm looking forward to getting to know you! 

  • Welcome to the site everyone! It is awesome that so many of you are expecting your first babies! It is such a wonderful time. Just be sure to set limits with people...let them know that you appreciate their advice, but your doctor has everything under control. If it is family that is bugging you, then you may need to let them know that their advice (even though it is meant well) is stressing you out. In addition, try to find other things to focus on that may de-stress you. Take a prenatal yoga class, join a new mommy group, or start a walking group. These things can help you feel less stressed and better able to handle other people==and their criticisms. Good luck and welcome!


  • Great advice by MommyRN.. my wife found an outlet with exercise. If your doctor says exercise is OK, it is a great stress reliever and healthy both physically and emotionally for you and your child.