First pregnancy !

  • Hi! Just joined the site. I'm 18yrs old and I'm 3 months! I have been feeling really depressed. I'm scared for the baby because of stressing! Any suggestion? Thank you!

  • Welcome to the site!!! and Congrats on your pregnancy. If you thumb around the pages you will see that there are many moms that have come here before you at the same age in a similar situation. I'm sure you probably have a lot of the same questions as well. I know it's so hard not to stress out when all that's going through your mind is how am i going to afford this baby, how am i going to raise this baby, how am i going to afford daycare so that i can even work... and i only have 6 months to figure it all out...just a few of the questions you may be thinking about right now... if not i'm sorry for adding them to the list. The best thing you can do right now is try and relax. fight your battles as they come and work one step at a time. Anyway if you have any more questions just ask and i'm sure you'll have plenty of people willing to offer some advice.


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  • Belcad14 -

    Let me join Brinny in offering you a warm welcome to the site, and offering a congrats on your pregnancy.  Brinny is right that there are a lot of other soon to be parents around here who have expressed depression and stress/fears just like you.  I think you will find this a very supportive place to come with your concerns, questions, and pretty soon your excitement as well.   Do you have any questions in particular?  Is there anything that is I can help with?

    Let us know what we can do!

    Sending gentle hugs across the wireless waves,


  • If you're stressed and depressed from the pregnancy...RELAX!! You clearly have shown that you care enough to be concerned about the well being of the long as you love him/her and do your best all the rest will work out. Maybe not immediately, but things will work out for the best as long as you are doing your best. If you're stressed and depressed from something other than the pregnancy, you have another life now that you must take into consideration and need to confront those issues and get them resolved as quickly as possible. I too am pregnant with my first (24 weeks) and had to find ways to deal with my stresses as well. I started writing, walking is always good -- not only can you clear your mind but it's great excersise for the baby!, and (as weird as it may be) video gaming. :) Find ways to deal with your stresses and stressful situations that work best for you and enjoy all that comes with that bundle of joy growing inside of you right now!! :)

  • My apologies for that message I just sent you...I meant to send that to someone else!! :)

  • Welcome to StrongMoms. I hope you find some comfort and relief on here from being able to talk to other moms-to-be. I hope you know you can vent and unload on here about what is upsetting and stressing you. It's quite an emotional roller coaster to be pregnant - hang in there. Is there anything in particular that is upsetting you? We'd love to try and help you sort through things. Hugs to you.