Pregnancy 1st time momma :)

  • East Texas here my first is due February 3, 2013!

  • Congrats on the baby...we're 16 weeks as of yesterday...(due April 5th 2013)...We live in North Carolina!

  • From Chicago and due June 25th. First appointment was today, never had to have that many blood tubes drawn for anything before!

  • I live in Redmond OR. I am due June 2nd. So excited!!! This is my first baby and I couldn't be more happier!

  • Me and you have the same due date and are both 1st time mommas! :0)

  • Congrats to all the mommies-to-be! So exciting! 

  • Congrats! My little peanut was born 6 weeks early on Aug 20th.  I'm originally from southern Oregon but living in Colorado at the moment and loving it.

  • Im from Iowa 18 with first child and due march 5th and my bday is march 18th! :)

  • Hi there. I'm due March 22nd with my first baby, a girl :) I live in San Diego, but am from Upstate New York.