recommendations on Pregnancy book?

  • Hello,

    Does anyone have recommendations on good pregnancy books?  I would like to read one for each of my trimesters.



  • There are so many pregnancy books out there now. My future mother-in-law got me what to expect when you're expecting. It's a classic and what i read of it is pretty good. It is a pretty good size book though so if you're pressed for time daily you might find it difficult to finish the chapters on time. I more or less do random info searches for what i want to know and often wind up learning way more than i set out looking for in the first place. You might google Top rated books on pregnancy or something along those lines. You'll wind up with a huge list and usually the books will have reviews from those who have read them. Sorry i couldn't have been more help to you, but that will probably be the best way to explore a wide range of possibilities. there are also websites out there that will take you week by week through your trimesters on your body and the babys development. most of them will also touch a bit on what happens during the birthing process as well. just type into the google bar however many weeks pregnant you are and you'll get a long list of sites. some are way better than others but all have the same general info.

  • This is a little different than what you asked for but I have gotten this for several friends and they have all LOVED it!  It is a pregnancy journal where you can track each week of your pregnancy.  It's a really fun way to keepsake your experience and fond memories.  Here is a link to the book:


  • My doctors office gave me a journal for my pregnancy at my first consultation.. Jess is right I LOVED it. For each month there is a calendar where you can mark you doctor appointments, ultrasounds, and so on. In addition there is a page where you can keep track of each appointment with your weight, the size of your uterus, your blood pressure, questions you asked your doctor, and the answer you received, and the babys heart rate and so on. there is a journal section where you can write your thoughts and feelings. there is a plastic bag in the back for ultrasound photos and other important things... really if you can get your hands on one of these i recommend purchasing one. I'm thinking of getting a couple of them so that i can have one for each of my children or give for gifts to my sisters or friends. 

  • So i pulled out the journal and get this... it's a strong moms journal lol... who knew?! I have to figure out how to get more.


  • Brinny - hahah! What are the odds? Glad it was so useful for you! I had a memory journal like Jess mentioned for my first. I didn't get around to it with my second, so I'm doing a memory calendar of his first year. That way they will each have a little something fun when they grow up. :-) 

  • My wife used the Strongmoms journal during her last two pregnancies and we love going back and looking at the different stages. It is something we expect to be in our family for generations!

  • I loved the "What to Expect" addition, I got a lot of really great advice and help with online sites, like StrongMoms. Hope this helps!