my wife is considering a vbac advice please!!!!!

  • We had a c-section with our first child and our having our second baby on the 26th of this month, she wants to have a vbac so that she can experience the nautural birth since we are not planning on having another baby but she is having concerns that the baby will be to big to diliver naturally. I told her that i am with her on any decision that she makes. Does anyone have any advice or comments? or have had a vbac and youre baby was big?

  • My wife has had three c-sections and is pregnant with our fourth. We briefly considered a vbac for our second but our doctor advised against it. Obviously your doctor needs to be the ultimate decision maker here, but from my view, any event that adds risk to your wife and the baby is not worth it. A friend of ours tried a vbac and then needed an emergency c-s while pushing. During the surgery, the doctor cut into her bladder and she was on a catheter for a month. She and baby were OK in the end. I know it is considered safe, but even a 1% greater chance of  severe injury or death to your wife and/or the baby isn't worth it to me. I would get multiple opinions from doctors before making this decision. Good luck and I hope this helps.

  • I think it's awesome that she wants to do a V-bac... I'm sure her doctor would not allow one if he/she thought even for a minute that it would be putting mom or baby at unusually high risk of decels or uterine rupture. Of course it's always good to be fully aware of the complications that are involved with doing a v-bac, but have faith and trust your doctor and the medical team you are going to be just fine.

  • Every baby and every pregnancy is different and there are plenty of moms out there who have had successful VBAC deliveries. Yet I do think there is some risk there, so it is important to discuss your fears and your concerns with your doctor. Make sure he or she knows that you are both concerned and maybe he can alleviate your fears. Good luck with your second baby and let us know what you decide to do and how it goes. 

  • I think MommyRN4 is right on. I've seen a lot of patients who had very successful vbac experiences. I've seen a few where it did not go as hoped and they ended up with a c-section. As mentioned by other people, your MD will advise you of risks and concerns. Most MDs try the very best they can to minimize risk to the mother and child. I hope you guys are able to come to a peaceful resolution of the situation! 

  • And for the record, I wasn't trying to scare you... some of the moms here that I have developed great respect for seem to be less concerned than I was... but the common thread is that we all suggest you trust your doctor and make the decision that you feel is best for you and your family.

  • When I was in labor, my doctor informed us about VBAC births but opted for the c section because of the percentage of failures.  She made it sound like it never works and there's a ton of side effects and risks associated with.  She said they try 3 times and then they'll stop.  I guess we'll never know, she probably just wanted to go home because of being on call lol.  It sounds scary, but so does everything else in birth.  Every hospital, doctor, and situation is different.  Best of luck, post how it turns out and what you were able to do :)

  • I am pregnant with my fourth. My first was all natural, second a c-section due to breach, and my third was a vbac. I had absolutely no complications. Iwas in labor for 12 hrs and birthed a healthy baby girl, 7 pounds. I want home 24 hrs later and was able to take care of my other kids immediately. My husband had to go to work the second we got home and we have no family here to help. a vbac made it possible for me to be independant.